'Vampire Diaries' New Episode Tomorrow Night: Pay Attention For A Phone Number!

Not that you won't be paying extra attention already after six "Vampire Diaries"-less weeks, but when "VD" finally comes back on Thursday night (THANK GOODNESS!!), you'll have to pay extra attention so you don't miss the show's latest stunt.

The CW has confirmed to us that Elena (Nina Dobrev) will dial a real, live phone number during the show (none of that 555-5555 B.S.) that you can call to get spoilers about upcoming episodes. You can also leave messages, though we're not exactly sure who's going to listen to them.

"How I Met Your Mother" used a similar scheme this season when a commercial aired during the Super Bowl telling fans to call a number to get a date with Barney Stinson. We can't wait for our date at MacLaren's on October 12, 2016!

Seriously though, we're excited to see how things will turn out in Mystic Falls now that the vault's been opened and we know the truth about Katherine — especially how Damon will take the news. Since he's taking part in a date auction (and attracting all sorts of cougar action), we think he might be employing the "push it out of your mind as far as you can" tactic to cope, which will clearly come to a violent head sometime in the season's final (nooooo!) eight episodes.

Are you ready for "VD" to come back? Will you call the secret number?