'Breaking Upwards' EXCLUSIVE Clip: A Young Couple Plans Out Exactly How They Will Split Up

By Dana Kasser

We make lists all the time, whether it’s a shopping list, grocery store list, a to-do list, a check list … but has anyone ever made a break up list? In the new film, “Breaking Upwards,” which screened at the South by Southwest film festival, real-life NYC couple, Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister Jones do just that — strategize a plan for their own separation. Interesting to say the least!

In this exclusive clip of the film, we see Daryl and Zoe sit down to come up with their own “goals” that range from what one might expect, such as trying new things, to control over one’s Netflix queue and stating claim over public space.

“Fine I get Wholefoods” Zoe states while reading off her list, “Overpriced” Daryl utters then rebuttals with, “I get all city parks” “Daryl!” Zoe interrupts, “OK fine, I get Madison Square Park from 2 to 4, I am gonna need time to write…” he declares.

“Breaking Upwards” was an official selection in the Narrative Competition at the 2009 SXSW Film Festival and it will be in theaters in NY on April 2, in L.A. on April 9 and will expand from there. Based on an actual experiment devised by both Daryl and Zoe in real life after their four-year relationship battling codependency, the film loosely interprets a year in which the two explore alternatives to monogamy and what comes along as a result.

What do you think of the “goals” Daryl and Zoe have created? Do you think it will work out? Have you ever made your own break up list? Let us know!

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