'New Moon' DVD Release Party: Nikki Reed And Chris Weitz On 'Bitchin' 'Breaking Dawn' Director Choices

Last week's announcement that Gus Van Sant, Sophia Coppola and Bill Condon were being considered as potential directors for "Breaking Dawn" made some waves in the film and "Twilight" fan communities. When MTV caught up with Nikki Reed and Chris Weitz at the "New Moon" midnight release event at Santa Clarita's Wal-Mart, both had a lot to say about the subject.

"You're telling me for the first time. I was trying to ask them earlier today, and they wouldn't give me anything," Nikki admitted after MTV told her Gus and Sophia were being considered. "But all the directors that you mentioned, I mean, they would be fantastic, both of those people. Either one. I mean, we would be honored."

Chris agreed, saying, "Completely, personally, as a director, I think [Gus] would be bitchin', but I think that's just me." He added that Sophia was "another interesting idea."

This support just adds to a whole slew of other "Twilight Saga" cast members who gave their endorsements last week and *#8212; in Robert Pattinson's case — back in November.

"I think it's awesome," Kristen Stewart said last week. "I think it's so cool that they're reaching. I think any one of those people would be great."

"It's all about teenage love and obsessions," Rob said back in November about the content of "Breaking Dawn." "I think Gus Van Sant would be great."