'Sex And The City 2': Sarah Jessica Parker And Her Girls Update Us On Their Character's Lives

A few years has passed in the world of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha since the time of "Sex and the City" the movie. When MTV caught up with the actresses behind the fabulous foursome at ShoWest in Las Vegas, they gave some insight as to what the ladies have been up to leading up to "Sex and the City 2."

"This time around, Carrie has been married for a couple of years. She is about to publish her fourth book. She is content," Sarah Jessica Parker teased. "She and her husband, John, have found a nice and modest apartment, and they are living their lives, and she is seeing her friends as much as time allows."

If that seems a big vague, don't worry, SJP said it was intentional. "I'm trying to set very low standards," she joked.

As for Charlotte, SJP said she is still married to Harry and is "still comfortable with the name Goldenblatt."

Kristin Davis added a little bit more information to that domesticated image. "I have two children now. [Lily] is two years older than last time. [Charlotte's] been baking," she said.

But Charlotte and Carrie aren't the only "Sex" characters that had remained happily married. Cynthia Nixonshared that Miranda is still happily married as well.

"Miranda only has one child. [She's] married to Steve, living in Brooklyn, still employing Magda, still working as a lawyer, still having brunch with the ladies," Cynthia said.

SJP said Samantha is happily married as well — to her public relations business.

"Samantha is firmly entrenched in her PR business in New York, with her office right above Times Square. Successful. Happily single," SJP said.

"Happy to be back in New York," Cynthia added.

"Very happily back in New York, and spending as much time with the ladies as her schedule allows," SJP finished.