An 'Eclipse' Soundtrack Pitch From Teen Girl Group Care Bears On Fire

Teen girl rock trio Care Bears on Fire, consisting of Jena, Izzy and Sophie, showed up to the NYC premiere of the new Dakota Fanning-Kristen Stewart collaboration, "The Runaways." And when they weren't praising the band's influence on girls like them, they were dishing on their love of that other Dakota-Kristen flick that you may have heard of: "The Twilight Saga." And in case it isn't clear, they are very enthusiastic about it!

"Oh my God, yes!" Izzy told Hollywood Crush about loving the "Twilight" flicks. "We love it. It’s the one film I continually watch and go it's midnight what should I do tonight, watch 'Twilight.' I saw 'Twilight' like five times in theaters— sometimes in costume, sometimes not."

So, given the band's adoration for the flick, would they love to contribute a song to a soundtrack, especially the still unannounced line-up for the "Eclipse" soundtrack? "Oh my God! It would sound awesome," she said. "[It would sound] vampirey duh! Or werewolfy depending. I'd kind of like to be vampire. I feel like that’s more our sound."

With her bandmate Sophie sharing that she still needs to ponder a bit more about any potential songs. "That would be awesome actually. I would love that," she added. "That would take me a lot of thought."

OK, so that leaves only one other important question unanswered: Team Edward or Team Jacob? Izzy weighs in: "I mean I'm on Team Bella. I really want her to have them both, but if I had to choose I'd go with a vampire," she dished. "I'd want a werewolf to be my best friend… I'd like to chill with a werewolf."

Would you want Care Bears on Fire on the "Eclipse" soundtrack?