The 'Eat Pray Love' Trailer Debuts And It's Delicious!

It's been more than half a year since we heard any exciting news on the "Eat Pray Love" front, but finally — FINALLY — we have something to get us really hyped for the movie. Yesterday Yahoo! debuted the trailer for the film (see it after the jump), and we've got to admit, it's got us pretty excited.

More often than not nowadays, trailers have had a bad habit of giving away the entire plot of a film in two and a half minutes. Not only does that not say too much about the story itself, but it also defeats the purpose of going to see the movie (look at the "Letters to Juliet" trailer for a prime example).

The fact that "Eat Pray Love" is based on the Elizabeth Gilbert memoir of the same name makes it seem like it would be even harder to preserve the awe-factor of the project, so we applaud Columbia Pictures and Plan B for giving us an awesome two-and-a-half minute tease.

The trailer clearly sets up the basic premise of the story: Elizabeth (Julia Roberts) leaves her husband (Billy Crudup) and decides she needs to get away from the life she has created and rediscover herself after she almost falls into the same situation with another man (James Franco). She decides to spend a year traveling to Italy, India and Bali, and as the title promises, she will eat, pray and love again.

We're big fans of Julia here at Hollywood Crush, and we are thrilled by the performance she looks to have given. We're loving the amazing array of supporting actors: Viola Davis, Javier Bardem, Richard Jenkins and the aforementioned Billy and James. And the story itself is one that will translate itself well to the big screen, with the exciting locales and larger-than-life ideals. We're giving "Eat Pray Love" an A for effort and an A+ for delivery, and are counting down the days until it hits theaters on August 13.

Watch the full trailer and let us know if you agreed with our take in the comments section below!