'Vampire Diaries' Star Katerina Graham Is Very Dedicated To Her Fans

By George Loomis III

Though she plays witch Bonnie Bennett on “The Vampire Diaries,” actress Katerina Graham is anything but in real life. When it comes to adoring fans, some stars play it cool, and others simply don’t make the time, but this one? Well, Kat is the first to admit that she’ll make her fans feel important any day of the week, whether it be through email or even over the phone!

So, next time you want to get an autograph from a star, ask Katerina as she says she is incredibly easy to approach. Even though she’s busy, with "VD" and other upcoming films, Katerina will take the time to entertain your enthusiasm ... and maybe even take you to dinner. Don't believe us, listen to Kat explain her dedication by pressing play below!