'Beastly' EXCLUSIVE: Mary-Kate Olsen's Foreboding Witch Revealed In A New Still

We caught our very first glimpse and Mary Kate Olsen's bewitching character in "Beastly" thanks to an awesome a Coca-Cola featurette, but now, you should get ready to be chilled — really chilled — because we are premiering an exclusive still of MK as the Goth witch, Kendra Hilferty, who imparts the "ugly" curse on Kyle Kingston (Alex Pettyfer) that sets the entire movie into action.

The picture — which you can see in full AFTER THE JUMP (!!) — takes place during an extravagant school dance in which Kyle humiliates Kendra thus causing her to cast a spell that transforms him into everything he hates: a total beast.

Thought MK's eye makeup reminds us a bit of Jenny Humphrey's ala "Gossip Girl," we think the picture below only serves to prove how hauntingly enchanted "Beastly" is really going to be!

Mary-Kate Olsen in 'Beastly'

Stay tuned to Hollywood Crush for more "Beastly" news in the coming days, as stars Alex and Vanessa Hudgens will be celebrated at the 2010 ShoWest gala as this year's Male and Female Stars of Tomorrow!