Kristen Stewart Dishes On Her 'Eclipse' Wig; 'I Can Be Bella Without My Hair'

The "Eclipse" trailer stirred up a lot of excitement when it debuted last week, but also brought to light a couple of unforeseen fiascos: the wigs atop both Bryce Dallas Howard and Kristen Stewart's heads.

When MTV had a chance to catch up with Kristen Stewart at the premiere of "The Runaways" in Los Angeles Thursday, she explained that the wig was just the aftermath of her decision to chop off her locks to play Joan Jett.

"I can be Bella without my hair, but I couldn't play Joan without," Kristen explained. "It was something I needed to do. I needed to feel the sweat coming down my face and, like, I needed to be able to touch it. I just needed to do it."

Apparently her costar, Dakota Fanning, was more attached to Kristen's locks than she was.

"I think Dakota was more emotional than I was, to be honest," Kristen said. "She, like, almost cried when I cut my hair."

Both said they were very excited about seeing the footage earlier that day, though Dakota even said she was a bit shocked she was shown in the debut trailer.

"Yeah, I am surprised I am in it," Dakota said, explaining that it was one of her two scenes in the entirety of "Eclipse." "I wasn't expecting [to see myself in the trailer]. But it's really great."

"It's really fast and it's really quick," Kristen said of the trailer. "It was like watching stills. It's hard for me to watch stuff, and initially my reaction is always a little strange. But I'm really excited. I want to see more!"