'Runaways' Stars Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning Were Very Dedicated To Their Characters

While to most, the word "acting" might connote reading some lines in front of a rolling camera, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning tried to take the meaning of the word to a deeper level in their upcoming flick, "The Runaways."

Both actresses have asserted they spent plenty of time with the women they were portraying in the film to make sure they got the part right. But when MTV had a chance to catch up with the young stars to talk about the movie, they explained how deep that dedication went.

In fact, their research of the role was near journalistic in its detail. There is a scene where both Dakota and Kristen have to sign recording contracts as their characters Joan Jett and Cherie Curie, and in the trailer they sign the contract with their left hands. However, when MTV asked them about it during the interview, they both admitted they were actually right-handed.

"We knew we were going to have a scene where we were going to have to sign something, so you need to ask [the real-life people you're portraying]," Dakota said.

Kristen went so far as to actually mimic Joan's entire style of writing.

"Joan [has a distinctive writing style]; I had a couple other little writing bits [I noticed] because I've seen her write," she said. "It's almost like she's hiding [the pen]."

Kristen added, "[Joan] does write a little weird. And that's why it was so great having her around, not just [for little stuff like that], but for the emotional connection to capture an essence, and they are such vivid people. It was great to have her there."