Josh Schwartz Would 'Telephone' Lady Gaga to Get Her On 'Gossip Girl' Again!

Earlier this year, Lady Gaga popped up playing herself on "Gossip Girl." And she dazzled us all with her theatrical performance of "Bad Romance." Well in honor of Lady Gaga's big Thursday premiere of her hotly anticipated clip for her single, "Telephone," featuring the one and only Beyonce, we ringed (er, interviewed) "Gossip Girl" creator Josh Schwartz to find out what he might have to say to the pop superstar on the, well, telephone.

"Well we got her on the phone. She appeared on 'Gossip Girl.' I actually got to be on the phone with her, which is a great honor and she appeared on the show. She was terrific. I'd call and ask her if she'd come back," he said, adding he already had a plot twist in mind for the native New Yorker. "Maybe she can play like Lily's sister, Aunt Carol… Serena's aunt."

Sounds good to us! But what we really want to know is: what's it like to chat on the phone with Gaga? "I didn’t say much. I kept quiet… but she's very nice," he said. "She's a very smart lady. It's no accident she's successful as she is."

Great! Now when can we see her on "Gossip Girl" again?