'Eclipse' Trailer: The Great Wig Debate

It's only been three hours since the first "Eclipse" trailer hit the Internet and took off faster than a werewolf into the forest, but that was still ample time for the Twilighters of the world to offer up their opinions (we, too, gave the trailer a full review and final grade). One thing we noticed many gripe about: Kristen Stewart's wig. "Bellas wig looks soooooo bad," posted one fan on Twitter. Added another: "The only thing I didn't like... Kristen Stewart's wig."

We have to wonder, though, in this great wig debate of 2010, is Kristen's wig (used, of course, to cover up her "Runaways" coif) really all that bad when compared to, say, Taylor Lautner's in "New Moon"? We've created a poll to get to the bottom of this hairy (get it?) situation.


Which "Twilight" Wig is better: Bella's or Jacob's?surveys