Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, Sam Worthington And More Males Awarded Oscars Red Carpet Superlatives

Experts say it's all about the ladies on the red carpet — but our eyes were firmly planted on the guys of the night, too. And we just couldn't get enough of our favorites, so we felt it our duty to hand out a special set of awards to the guys who marched down the red carpet last night to the beat of their own drum.

Here, the awards you didn't see...

The "beam me up, Scotty — please" award:

Chris Pine, looking "Unstoppable" in Ralph Lauren.

The "'hottie' is never lost in translation" award:

Sam Worthington, for switching from outback to red carpet (he's wearing Brioni) so seamlessly!

The "we're still a little jealous that you're prettier than us, but we'll forgive you" award

Taylor Lautner in Dolce & Gabbana.

The "only thing hotter than you shirtless is you in a tux" award:

Ryan Reynolds (in Tom Ford), for making us believe in Santa Claus again.

The "we can forgive you for '17 Again'" award:

Zac Efron for not trying too hard to impress, yet still knocking our socks off in Calvin Klein.

The "stop pretending you don't care, we know you secretly obsess over your image" award:

Jake Gyllenhaal in Burberry.

The "best arm candy" award:

Nick Cannon, for making Mariah look that much sexier on the red carpet.

The "it's raining in LA, but you still rock those sunglasses" award:

Joel Madden, for whom it's always sunny in California.

The "I think I've made it enough to hire a stylist" award:

Tie between Jason Reitman, for most-needed haircut and Quentin Tarantino, for ... every red carpet he's ever graced.

What did you think of the men who graced the Oscar red carpet?

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