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OscarsGet ready, Crushers, the final red carpet of awards season — the 82nd Annual Academy Awards — is finally upon us. Over the next two hours, MTV News staffers Jocelyn Vena and Lindsay Soll will analyze every fashion faux paus, document every interview highlight and keep up your anticipation for the night's main event. So take a comfy seat, grab some delicious snacks, HIT REFRESH OFTEN (note that the newest posts appear on top) and weigh-in in the comments section below! Lautner, Cyrus, Efron, Worthington ... we're ready for ya!

8:30 Thanks for staying with us! Head over to MTV's Movies Blog for a live blog of the ceremony!

8:28 The red carpet action is winding down as is our blood pressure. So much glamour! So many gorgeous people (men in particular. Yes, Chris Pine, we're looking at you).

8:26 Meryl Streep is always a treat no matter who is interviewing her. She just told Jess Cagle she loves seeing her friends "all cleaned up." Her dress is by Chris March, whose claim to fame is putting human hair on dresses during "Project Runway."

8:25 Taylor Lautner is talking about preparations for Oscar night. "It's amazing! It's totally surreal it's an honor!" he said of being invited.

8:23 Gabby Sidibe just called the Oscars prom night. If that's true, who should be crowned king and queen?

8:21 Miley's ego is being stroked by Kathy. She literally just told Miley she has "the best of both worlds." Hey, 2007 called, it wants its joke back!

8:18 While we have some free time, would anyone care to answer our probing question: Why is Kathy Ireland hosting on the carpet??

8:16 Aw this "Remember Me" commercial is making us sort of miss Robert Pattinson on this carpet. Speaking of which, why hasn't Kristen stopped to talk to anybody?

8:16 Cameron Diaz is in Oscar de la Renta.

8:15 SJP is reminiscing about Oscar's past. She said Calvin Klein made her very first Oscar's dress. Perhaps she should've called on him tonight?

8:13 Jennifer Lopez continues to radiate on the carpet. She says the key to a good Oscar dress is "you have to feel good in it." She also revealed that her Best Picture pick is "Precious."

8:11 Helen Mirren, foxy lady! We love her in that sparkly Badgley Mischka gown.

8:07 Kathy Ireland, we're not quite understanding you as a red carpet reporter. This is ABC, where the heck is The Bachelor when you need him?

8:06 Even on ABC, Zac Efron still looks hot.

8:06 Sandra was just asked what she's going to eat after the Oscars are over. Now there's an interesting question you don't hear too often.

8:03 Sherri Shepherd is with Clooney. She asks the token "what made you take this role" question. We would've much rather heard her ask: "What does it take to make you commit to a woman for a long time?" Oh wait, did Sherri just say something about Clooney dumping his girlfriend?

8:00 Over on ABC, EW's Jess Cagle is with a plethora of fabulous women: Mo'Nique, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Anna Kendrick, Penelope Cruz!

7:59 Just before we switch over to ABC's live red carpet coverage, Seacrest nabs Chris Pine. He's in a tux and so, so adorable. Not to mention: his date is his mom. Why is it always so cute when boys do that?

7:56 We'll forgive Cameron Diaz's hair because we think her sparkly nude colored gown is so glamorous!

7:55 MTV News' live stream is over but you can get all the highlights later through Crush and!

7:54 Jeff Bridges looks like he's ready to win an Oscar in his tux. Though, he kept the look very Jeff-like thanks to his beard.

7:52 Kate Winslet is also in a silvery tone. It's strapless, satin and, well, kind of dull.

7:50 Apparently Gerard owns a small dog. Aww, he's a softie.

7:49 Back over with Ryan Seacrest, Gerard Butler said that Jennifer Aniston is a "cool girl." Hmm, so cool that he might date her? We think so!

7:48 She said working on "Sex and the City 2" was a dream! She also said a new record should be done soon, too. As for her Bret Michaels collaborations, she says he's a friend of family.

7:47 Miley just told MTV she wanted to wear white, but she thought people might think she looked liek a bride, so she went with champagne. Two thumbs up, Miles.

7:45 By the way, if you're looking to watch MTV's live coverage of the Oscars (happening right now!) then CLICK HERE!! (Josh is about to talk to Miley, so it's worth it!)

7:43 Kristen snubbed our reporter Josh, but will she snub Ryan Seacrest? We're hoping not, we want to hear more about that dress!

7:42 Leave it to Robert Downey, Jr. to make the red carpet all his own. He's wearing a blue bow tie. He's RDJ, and it works only for RDJ.

7:39 Gabourey Sidibe is in a navy, heavily ruched gown with off the shoulder detailing. She called her dress "the money shot, like in porn." Hmm, OK then!

7:38 Josh is now screaming at Kristen. "She's playing coy," inserts Josh. Aw man! On the fashion side of things, Kristen's in a tailored black strapless dress. She looks like a lady!

7:37 Sandra Bullock is about to approach the MTV platform. Josh also just noted that Kristen Stewart is in the vicinity!

7:35 Taylor Lautner has arrived! in a tux — very dashing!

7:34 Josh is exchanging, um "pubic hair" jokes with Jason Bateman on MTV's live red carpet stream. We're not going to elaborate on that, just for the sake of you guys at home.

7:32 Jennifer Lopez is wearing what Ryan is calling an "ambitious look." She calls it an iridescent pink. It's slightly avant garde (a bit Judy Jetson, too, no?), but very fun.

7:31 Meryl Streep looks wonderful in a white, long sleeved very low cut gown. She had some hot chemistry with Seacrest — it almost looked like they were going to kiss. Bow chicka bow wow.

7:31 George just assured us: "I'm not a lonely guy."

7:30 Latifah just got tossed aside for George Clooney, ouch! George is taking a bit of a hair cue from James Cameron tonight. That Italian lady of his does look gorgeous in a bold red gown.

7:28 Adam Shankman and Queen Latifah are being interviewed by Seacrest together. Latifah's in the other trend of the night: lavender.

7:27 Colin Firth has a smaller bow tie than Matt Damon. Not that we're judging.

7:26 Matt's going to play Liberace. It's going to be spectacular. Fact!

7:25 Matt Damon's in a bow tie. HIYO!

7:25 Word on the street, er carpet, is that Miley is in Jenny Packham. We really are proud of her for making a great dress decision.

7:22 Jake "never passes up a superhero" he just admitted to Josh. No, Jake, you should not.

7:20 Back to Josh on MTV's live red carpet, stream... he's with Jake Gyllenhaal. We can't get enough of Jakey. He just admitted he was "in discussions" to play Jake Sully in "Avatar," but that was as close as it came.

7:18 Charlize Theron is in a dark pink, lavender dress that has its own built in boob protectors. Giuliana thinks it's high fashion. We however, think it's too distracting.

7:17 Seacrest has been waiting for this moment — Kathryn Bigelow is in his presence. Her dress is a bit dowdy and mother of the bride with its very high neckline. She, however, looks incredibly confident. "I'm just so honored to be in the same conversation as him!" she says of her ex, James Cameron. Very classy, Kathy!

7:15 SJP is here in what can only be described as something kind of, well, off. The dress is Princess Leia meets Cleopatra with its silver flower detailing on the top. The sad thing is, it's Chanel couture, and typically we'd j'adore the design house.

7:14 Miley's mommy is in a similar colored gown (yes, Seacrest made the cameras focus on her) embellished with ANGEL WINGS tattoos.

7:12 Wow! Miley!!! We love your dress. Her nude (trend alert!) colored gown comes complete with perfectly fitting bustier and sparkly skirt. She says she's nervous about the stairs on the Oscar stage.

7:11 Anthony Mackie is trying to convince Josh to sing Lady Gaga. Yes, Anthony, we totally want to see that!

7:10 Over on MTV's live red carpet stream, Josh Horowitz is about to talk to Lenny Kravitz!

7:08 He might get sniffly if his sis, Maggie, wins an Oscar. If that's the case, Jake, we're giving free hugs away here at MTV!

7:07 Sorry ladies, Jake Gyllenhaal decided to cover up his abs in a suit. But, it still works for us! Uh, then again, so do his abs. It's a win-win.

7:06 We just very quickly caught a glimpse of Rachel McAdams, who looks very Elizabeth Banks. Oh and there's Miley looking like a big girl in a taupe gown.

7:04 Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are on the carpet, and hes not wearing a cowboy hat! Alert the country media! We thought that thing was permanently attached to his head.

7:03 Amanda Seyfried is talking about "Red Riding Hood." She calls it "gothic." She's in Armani Prive complete with "Avatar dots" (according to Ryan).

7:02 Tyler Perry in Prada and he's a man who can pull off Prada.

7:01 One thing Sandra shouldn't be pessimistic over? Her gorgeous dress. It is a bit ice skater, but we appreciate the elegance.

7:00 "I'm the most pessimistic person when it comes to myself," Sandra says of her career. [Insert joke about her Razzie win over the weekend here.]

6:59 We're not big fans of Diane's slightly avant-garde ensemble.

6:59 Diane Kruger is there without Joshua Jackson. A sin, we know. Are they on the "fringe"?

6:58 Sandra update! Her dress is velvet. That may have taken her a few notches down from our list.

6:56 Amanda Seyfried (who knew she was going to be there tonight?) is in an icy silver strapless gown with a ruched bodice. Carey Mulligan looks sooooooo pretty in a strapless sparkly, slightly princessy black gown. Very Oscars worthy!

6:53 This might be the best thing Tina's ever worn on a red carpet. Who agrees?

6:52 Tina Fey, we applaud your red carpet choice tonight. Much better than the past. She's definitely stepped up her fashion game in a Michael Kors one-shoulder sparkly black gown.

6:51 And there's Sandra Bullock in silver.

6:50 "Precious" ahem STAR Lenny Kravitz has arrived with his daughter on his arm. We've also spotted Quentin Tarantino, who has a lady on his arm: Diane Kruger. She is in a tiered black and white gown. Very Chanel.

6:49 Sigourney's cherry red, one shoulder cut gown is very age-appropriate. We also like the ribbon cinching her waist and the pin on her shoulder. Subtle details = red carpet win.

6:49 Apparently all the "Avatar" stars arrived within minutes of each other. Sigourney Weaver is here!

6:48 That commercial for "The Last Song" made us really want to see Miley! Raise your hand if you're hoping she brought Liam Hemsworth as her date. [Hands raising!]

6:47 Speaking of the ladies, they've been a bit all over the place in terms of color and silhouette. With a while left in the carpet it'll be interesting to see what the big trends are.

6:46 To recap, so far it seems like the guys all picked the same suit and tie, but then again, they always tend to look like "pernguins" at these events. It's too bad for the men, because the ladies have so much to choose from!

6:44 Tom Ford is in... wait for it... Tom Ford!

6:43 Elizabeth Banks could almost pass as Charlize Theron in her strapless gray Versace gown with asymmetrical hemline. Tom Ford (who used to work for Gucci) says she looks gorgeous.

6:42 Maggie says if she wins she'll get the crowd to sing Peter "Happy Birthday!" We totally want to see that!

6:41 Happy Birthday, Peter! Your gift? A fantastic looking Oscar date! Maggie's in a blue and lavender gown by Dries Van Noten.

6:40 Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard are adorable, but where is Peter's hair?

6:40 Don't worry, though, there won't be any "Avatar"-like wars on this carpet. James just said of his ex-wife, "We're proud of what Catherine [Bigelow] accomplished."

6:39 "We thought we were gonna make some money" Cameron added of the success of "Avatar." Consider your mission accomplished, pal.

6:38 James just said his wife is in a little "Navi blue." Wow. No comment.

6:38 It seems like ties are being favored tonight over bow ties.

6:38 Here comes James Cameron and his silver mane!

6:37 Jason's in a suit with his lady love by his side. She's in a one-shouldered nude colored Grecian cut gown. "I had a great cast!" he said of "Up in the Air." No kidding!

6:36 Jason Reitman is talking about his love for Twitter.

6:35 Ryan says "Green Lantern" costume is "snug ... it doesn't camouflage." Pictures please?!?

6:34 Ryan Reynolds is presenting one of the best picture nominees tonight. We are hoping it is for "The Blind Side" since Sandra Bullock is his buddy. Of Sandra's nomination, he said it feels like his "good buddy just got drafted to the NBA."

6:32 Seacrest teases us that Ryan Reynolds is up next to his platform. Meow!

6:31 "I'm never recognized!" she tells Ryan, though somehow we doubt that. Her Oscar bet is on "The Hurt Locker" as well as Catherine Bigelow for best director. Uh, sorry Jason Reitman?

6:30 Vera Farmiga in a fuschia Marchesa strapless gown with a big multi-tiered ruffle down the front. How couture!

6:29 "It's tomorrow," Nicole joked about the wedding date when Ryan, of course, inquired. joel added, "We're doing it at our own pace."

6:28 Newly engaged couple Joel Madden, the night's Oscar DJ, and his wifey to be Nicole Richie look kind of hot. Joel in a tux, bow tie and Wayfarers with the equally vintage glam Nicole in a long sleeved all sequined slate gray gown. We're not in love with her hair though.

6:26 Zoe gown update — she has sparkles all over her bodice! We think the details are fantastic, even if it makes her dress a bit busy. We have no idea who the designer is once again! Ryan is forgetting to ask everyone that all so important question!

6:25 Zoe Saldana meets the Mayor! He gushes about how "Avatar" was one of his favorite flicks of the year.

6:24 It's time for us to remind everyone that like our favorite E! talking heads, MTV News will also be LIVE on the Oscar red carpet starting at 7pm. More details on that live stream to come!

6:22 Like Anna, Mariah didn't disclose who designed her dress. Come on, Seacrest, this is important info that we NEED!

6:20 Video just rolled with Ryan "sneaking into" G's room. That doesn't sound creepy. At All.

6:18 Mariah admits the pin was placed there because she was concerned about a "Marilyn moment."

6:17 The commercial break returns to a nice surprise: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Mariah looks much more appropriate than she did at the Golden Globes and at the Indie Spirit Awards! In fact, she looks super glam in her navy dress with a sweetheart neckline and thigh high slit and pin at the waist.

6:16 Wow, so many stars and we're only 15 minutes in. Who is everyone looking forward to see the MOST tonight? We'll go first his initials are TL. Also, we're dying to see what Miley's wearing. Let's hope it's age appropriate.

6:14 Zoe Saldana in a lavender gown with a tie-dye fade at the hemline.

6:13 Mo'Nique looks equally glam in a body hugging cerulean gown. That flower in her hair however should be taken out, though — she's not at the prom!

6:10 Mo'Nique meet Anna!!!

6:09 Anna Kendrick gown update! It's an off-the-shoulder blush gown and she admitted that it was a last-minute decision. Her other dress option was dark blue, but we really enjoy that earth-toned pink on her!

6:08 Anna Kendrick has arrived! She looks ethereal in her blush toned gown...more details to come.

6:07 Ryan Seacrest is in Burberry. Giuliana was in Pamela Roland, now, for the actual red carpet, she's in an entirely different gown. Lucky girl!

6:06 Zac's hair is kind of perfect right now a little tousled, a little RPattz.

6:05 ZAC EFRON AND SAM WORTHINGTON together on our TV screen!!!! "I've seen you in every possible D, man," Zac jokes to Sam of 3-d. They are in twinsie outfits. This is a moment for the history books.

6:04 "I just need another job!" he joked about what's next for him!

6:03 Sam and his lady love, Natalie, look perfect together. She's lovely in a silvery, strapless gown and he looks dashing in his suit and tie. What a great way to start the night!

6:02 Sam Worthington! Our Hump Day Hottie of the week!

6:01 Seacrest is talking about Hollywood dreams. Let's get to the fashion!

6:00 And we're off... there's Seacrest!

5:50 Welcome to the MTV News' Academy Awards red carpet live blog!

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