Kelly Osbourne And Odette Yustman Recall Their 'Fairy Tale' Engagement Stories

By Cara Alwill

It seems as though every celebrity has gotten engaged lately, and each proposal story seems to top the next. But when it comes to the fairytale details behind Kelly Osbourne and Odette Yustman’s dream proposals, we think these ladies take the cake!

When Kelly said yes to boyfriend, Luke Worrall, after only dating for six months, she knew he was the one. It seems like the couple was a match made in heaven, from the start, and they both knew instantly that they’d be together forever.

“We’ve been engaged for more than a year now,” Kelly told Life & Style magazine. “It was just something that we talked about and kind of knew was going to happen. I love absolutely everything about him,” she gushed.

So, what did the bling look like, and how did he do it? Luke decided to surprise Kelly for her 25th birthday with a sparkly heart-shaped 2-carat diamond ring set on a white gold band. Style expert Michael O’Connor estimates the rock is valued at approximately $35,000. Go Kelly!

But even though Kelly knew Luke would propose, not every star expects it. When "Brothers & Sisters" star Dave Annable popped the question to girlfriend Odette over Valentine’s Day weekend, Odette took a bit of convincing to believe the proposal was real.

“I was shocked,” she recalled to Life & Style. “Dave was pacing around, and after two minutes he asked, ‘So is it a yes or a no?’ It was like a fairy tale. I started doing cartwheels.”

And what did Odette’s rock look like? Dave gave his new bride-to-be a pear-shaped diamond set on a platinum band. O’Connor estimates this dazzling ring weighs 3.5 carats and likely cost $65,000. Wowza!