Nicole Kidman To Play Female Version Of 'Hitch' In 'The Wedding Doctor'

The whole relationship advisor thing worked for Will Smith in “Hitch,” but can Nicole Kidman pull it off as well? As reported by New York Magazine's Vulture, Nicole is set to star in Relativity Media’s “The Wedding Doctor.” The film is exactly what it sounds like, Nicole’s character is a wedding doctor, someone who advises couples on their relationships pre-nuptials. A problem arises when she assesses her newest clients and concludes that she’s the better match for the groom-to-be. Now she and his fiancée are in the midst of an intense showdown.

Vulture points out the clear difference between Nicole and Will. No, not their skin tone, but Will’s booming career as opposed to Nicoles’s recent series of flops. Her last romantic comedy, a film adaptation of the popular show “Bewitched,” didn’t work any magic on the box office. So, why go for such a high cost actress when positive results aren’t guaranteed? There are tons of leading ladies who’ve found success in the genre. There’s Katherine Heigl, Anna Faris, Amy Adams or how about Leslie Mann? She’s certainly earned an opportunity to take a starring role.

After being named the highest-paid actress in Hollywood in 2006, Nicole delivered these: “The Invasion,” “The Golden Compass,” “Australia” and “Nine,” all considered substantial misses. On the bright side, both “The Golden Compass” and “Australia” did manage to make a profit worldwide. But there’s still no denying that this is a dicey arrangement for both Relativity and Nicole. At least Relativity can recover with another good film, but can she afford any more reputation tarnishing?

Is Nicole worth the risk? Would you rather see someone else play the love doc?