Avril Lavigne's 'Alice In Wonderland'-Inspired Clothing Line Launches At Kohl's This Week

By Cara Alwill

Avril Lavigne is "Alice in Wonderland" obsessed. After writing the title song for the Tim Burton remake of the classic cartoon, the singer has decided to design signature pieces for her Abbey Dawn junior's line that would be inspired by Alice, as well.

Abbey Dawn clothing line mixes rock and roll, fashion, and a whole lot of attitude. “It’s really for anyone of all ages,” Avril told People last fall about the line. “Girls who like to express themselves through fashion and go nuts and wear some cool rock and roll pieces.”

As for the "Alice in Wonderland" themed line (which will debut in Kohl’s stores March 5), Avril pulled her inspiration from the Disney archives. “I went through binders of images from the film to get inspiration for the clothing,” she said to People. “We ended up using a lot of the floral prints, which were the flowers with the faces, and the verbiage [like] ‘Shrink me.’ It was kind of like anything and everything.”

Avril added screen-printed watches, Victorian ruffles, and florals on an array of shorts, tees, and hoodies. “My favorite is the white T-shirt with the rabbit stopwatch on it because it’s the iconic stopwatch."

And as for her musical take on the film, Avril explains how her opportunity to write the title song came about. “I was really inspired by the film and [so] I asked [Disney] ‘do you have a main song for the movie because I’d like to write it’. And they were like, ‘oh, we’ll talk to Tim,’ and he said ‘go ahead write it,’” she recalls.

What do you think of Avril's new clothes?