Robert Pattinson On 'Jimmy Fallon': 'Robert Is Bothered,' 'Remember Me' And Talks Of An Album

Jimmy Fallon spent his one-year anniversary with none other than Robert Pattinson. Yes, the "Late Night" host has been on the air exactly one year and decided, thankfully, to spend it with our dear Rob. Just as we'd wondered (OK, hoped, really), Jimmy did in fact bring out his "Robert is Bothered" skit, only, this time, "Robert" wasn't alone in his tree.

Turns out, "Robert" is also bothered by the month of March, and how it comes in like a lion and out like a limb ("Pick a name and stick with it, OK?!" Bothered!") Of course, this is all quite bothersome to, well, Robert Pattinson! The actor, wearing an olive coat and donning his trademark shaggy hair, found his way onto the tree to air out a few of his own grievances. "Hey! I don't talk like that," real Robert complained. As Robert clings to the tree (pssh, lucky tree), Jimmy's "Robert" decides to have a little fun with the situation, asking "How does it make you feel?" Robert then answers, "I don't know how it makes me feel to be honest, a little bit annoyed, a little bit frustrated." Not exactly what he was hoping to here, prompting "Robert" to ask, "Something that starts with a 'b', maybe?" Robert confirms, "A little bit broken maybe?" Finally, "Robert" needles and asks, "Does it bother you?" And wouldn't you know, it does!

Robert, gaining a huge laugh from the audience and Fallon, says, "Yeah, I'm bothered!" So, let's get this straight, he's handsome, a fantastic actor and has a good sense of humor about himself? Oh, Robert, you don't make this easy on us, do you?

Finally, the real Robert, in a black blazer and white shirt which was not quite buttoned all the way at the bottom (we always knew that unkempt manner would pay off someday), made his way on stage to the sound he's quite familiar with now, screaming fans. Robert kicked things off by saying he was actually a little bit bothered by his own comedic skills in the skit, telling Jimmy, "I was backstage going, 'Oh, God!" But, Jimmy assured him it was funny (we concur) and told Robert he could get into more "Late Night" shenanigans and have lasers shoot out of his eyes, which is exactly what he did. Robert, looking straight into the camera, got the "Late Night" laser treatment (complete with explosion) and laughed afterward, "I don't even know what happened!"

Jimmy then moves the conversation to Robert's upcoming (only ten days to go, not that we're counting) movie "Remember Me." Robert admits, "I've been having so many problems trying to explain what it's about," but went on to say, "it's essentially about two people falling in love with each other, but I mean, that's not really the central story." Jimmy decided to take the wheel and do a little explaining about the movie himself, "It's almost like the theme of: Do what you want, because you never know what's going to happen." Robert's take on that analysis? "I think so!"

They then go on to talk about Robert's "Remember Me" costar Emilie de Ravin and "Lost" fans finally got one mystery solved: Does Robert Pattinson watch the show? "I watched the first half of the first episode and it was already too much for me!" Robert said with a smile about the mind-bending series.

The "Late Night" host went on to ask a rather silly question, when talking about the heavy nature of this film, "Will 'Twilight' fans be on board for this one?" The screams from the audience pretty much answered that question, wouldn't you say? Conversation soon shifted to press junkets (Robert panicked while on David Letterman's show), his family (he supports his older sister Lizzy's music career! Swoon!) and his own musical talents.

Robert, who plays both guitar and piano (well, four chords of each, anyway), responded to a Twitter question from viewer Sammy TweetTweet, who asked "Will you ever release an album?" Before Rob could really answer, a group in the audience began yelling, "Please!," which both he and Jimmy heard as variations of "tweet" and "squeeze." A befuddled Rob simply cried, "Help me!" Jimmy brought up when Kristen Stewart was on the show and her similar music taste to Rob and suggested the pair start their own band, The Twight Stripes. A somewhat embarrassed Rob, answered, "That (name) sounds really, really bad!" Jimmy wrapped things up with a scene from "Remember Me" and Rob gave a sweet farewell wave to the audience.

Did you catch Robert Pattinson on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"? What did you think of his appearance?