Remembering Andrew Koening And Braving The NY Snow In Today's Tweet Dreams

The search for missing "Growing Pains" actor Andrew Koenig ended in tragedy yesterday when he was found dead in Vancouver. The actor's death sent sadness through the celebrity Twitterverse, where many took to their pages to remember their former colleague and friend. Sarah Silverman posted, "My heart is heavy for the Koenig family," while Danny Masterson reflected, "Terrible about Andrew Koenig. Did a film w him in '95 called Family Values. He was a great dude. Very smart.very cool.very funny" Fellow 80's sitcom star Alyssa Milano wrote to followers, "If you know someone suffering from depression, please do everything in your power to get them help. R.I.P. Andrew."

Elsewhere, in New York City, the third snowstorm of the season was all anyone could talk about. Ben Stiller caught a blizzard mishap, "Saw someone attempting to snowboard off a rock in Riverside Park this morning. I don't think it was the Flying Tomato," while Emmy Rossum reported to followers, "Our busy city is blanketed and quiet. At least that's how it looks from my window."

Check out the rest of Friday's best celebrity tweets, from Katerina Graham's beef with Justin Bieber to Pink's scuffle at an IHOP. You can follow us all weekend on Twitter @hollywoodcrush to keep up on all the latest on your favorite stars.

@bethenny It's like twitter christmas.woke up w more than 100k followers under the tree

-Bethenny Frankel, Reality Star ("The Real Housewives of New York City")

@khloekardashianToday Kourt, Kim and I are hosting 2 baby showers! Everyone is having babies

-Khloe Kardashian, Reality Star ("Keeping Up With The Kardashians")

@therealjordinI'm starting to feel the effects of not sleeping for past 3 days. My voice is so raspy. No, this will not do. Need tea! :)

-Jordin Sparks, Singer

@tinselkorey Haven't seen the light in 4 days. In the movies I run with wolves, in real life I am a vampire. Buhahahaha!

-Tinsel Korey, Actress ("New Moon," "Eclipse")

@greer_grammer Just bought eclipse! Can't wait to start it!!!

-Greer Grammer, Model

@katerinagraham Justin Bieber is still trending? Wow hey Bieber fans how about you add The Vampire Diaries to every tweet? Thanks!

-Katerina Graham, Actress ("The Vampire Diaries")

@pink An episode of the jersey shore just happened at I HOP. Some roid boy just tried to start a fight with me. I had to hold my husband back.

-Pink, Singer

@elliotyamin Jellyfish r pretty dangerous..unless they're from smuckers....then u want them 2 swim 2wards u!

-Elliot Yamin, Singer

@asherroth I found the magic dollar which has the ability to unlock ANYTHINHG in this vending machine...woo!

-Asher Roth, Rapper

@conanobrien Today I connected all the freckles on my arm with a Sharpie. It spells out RIKSHAZ9LIRK. Clearly I am The Chosen One.

-Conan O'Brien, Talk Show Host ("The Tonight Show," "Late Night")

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