MTV's 'Turn the Beat Around': A Guide To All The Catchy Music From The Movie!

If you caught "Turn the Beat Around," when it streamed on Hollywood Crush on Monday, then you probably already know that the music was simply awesome (if you didn't catch it, you get another chance this Friday at 10p.m. ET/PT on MTV!).

The MTV original movie about a struggling dancer and a rich club owner featured some really catchy tracks by artists like Leighton Meester and Jason Derulo (amongst many). Seriously though, the tracks were totally infectious and we found ourselves feverishly searching for them right after the movie ended (didn't you?!). While it was hard to pick favorites, we were especially hooked by Leighton's song with Clinton Sparks, "I Feel the Love," which plays when the lead character Zoe (Romina D'Ugo), bodly asks her DJ friend, Steph, to change the music at a night club to disco.

To find out what other songs to listen for and when, check out our full guide after the jump!

"Turn The Beat Around" Track List

1. Clinton Sparks & Leighton Meester's "I Feel Love"

Plays when: Zoe is at a club and asks Steph to change the music to disco.

2. Eytan's "That’s The Way"

Plays when: Zoe samples disco music with Steph

3. Sing It Loud's "Get Down Tonight"

Plays when: Steph plays a new remixed song for Zoe

4. Jeffree Star's "Bad Girls"

Plays when: Chris surprises Malika by breaking up with her

5. Ishii's "Everybody Dance"

Plays when: Zoe comes back to rehearse with her crew

6. Just Kait's "Hot Stuff"

Plays when: Zoe practices the routine one-on-one with Chris

7. B.O.B.'s "Disco Inferno"

Plays when: Zoe debuts her performance to the crowd at the opening night of club Inferno

8. Millionaires' "Le Freak"

Plays when: Zoe decides to part ways with Chris

10. Cobra Starship's "Turn The Beat Around"

Plays when: Zoe embraces Michael as her new boyfriend at Inferno

11. Jason Derulo's "Strobe Light"

Plays when: Zoe, Chris and Ramon audition for Malika as dancers in Jason Derulo’s music video