Lauren Conrad Says 'L.A. Candy' Movie Will Be Based On All Three Books In Her Series

By Cara Alwill

"L.A. Candy" fans can rest easy today knowing that a film is in the works for the three-book series. Lauren Conrad and her team, including the mastermind producers behind the “Twilight” phenomenon are working tirelessly to get the film version of the "L.A. Candy" books just right.

Lauren told MTV News her vision for the film, which will not be broken out into three parts, like the books. "Actually, the movie is meant to be based on the story that's told over the three books that I'm writing — three books, one movie," she said while promoting "Sweet Little Lies." "It's a trilogy. It's one story being told over the three, so I think it's one overall story."

So, who might play the starring role of Jane Roberts in the on-screen version? Believe it or not, Lauren has best pal, Lo Bosworth in mind. Last year, Lauren joked with MTV and told us, "I have to do research. We'll see," she said. "I would like Lo Bosworth. Lo has taken a couple of acting classes in her life.”

She continued, “No [I don't know who should be in it]," Lauren added. "[That's] the question I do not have an answer for. I have no idea! I feel like I'm going to shoot for someone crazy amazing and then they're going to be like, 'Ugh, yeah, I'll do your movie.'"

But when approached with the question more recently, she admits, "No, we're still working with writers," she said about casting decisions. "And in the early stages."