Jon Hamm Costars With Blake Lively In 'Town,' But Is He A 'Gossip Girl' Fan? We Test His Knowledge!

While on hiatus from "Mad Men" the always-charming Jon Hamm has grown a beard (may it rest in peace), hosted "Saturday Night Live" and starred in one this year's Sundance Film Festival favorites, "Howl" (opposite the equally handsome James Franco).

But, "Howl" wasn't the only movie project Jon kept busy with, as he also stars in this year's "The Town," which costars none other than "Gossip Girl" actress Blake Lively, causing two of TV's most beloved worlds to collide (though we can't imagine Serena lasting too long at Sterling Cooper!).

MTV News' own Josh Horowitz asked Jon if he was in fact a fan of "Gossip Girl" (hey, if Leo can be a fan of "Jersey Shore," anything is possible!) and the results were sort of surprising. While Jon jokingly replied, "I'm a huge 'Gossip Girl' fan, I can't tell you!" you have to give him major kudos for knowing Blake's character's name adding, "My TiVo is stuffed with the adventures of Serena!" Though when prompted to say Serena's full name, things don't go as smoothly, calling her "Serena VanDerHootenFourthThird." Ahh, so close!

So, the Golden Globe winner may not be the biggest "Gossip Girl" fan, but he does admit, "I've seen parts of it, let's put it that way." Hey, when you're as adorable as Jon Hamm, we'll gladly accept that answer. Xoxo. Check out the video able to see the full clip.