'Runaways' Star Dakota Fanning Celebrates Her Sweet 16 In Beverly Hills

If you're Dakota Fanning turning 16 is especially sweet. The "New Moon" star will next be seen alongside Kristen Stewart in "The Runways" and just this past weekend the teen queen celebrated her birthday with friends and family in Los Angeles.

According to E! News the actress, who actually turns 16 tomorrow, was joined by 40 of those closest to her at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. "She looked like she was having fun and was really cool," a source tells E! about the get-together which kicked off at 7p.m. and ended sometime around 11p.m. "She was talking to her friends and laughing all night."

Dakota blew out her candles atop a three-layer birthday cake with chocolate mousse. Cameras caught the actress leaving the restaurant and when asked if she'd be hitting up her local DMV for her license anytime soon, she shared, "I don't even have permit."

Dakota has always managed to balance her Hollywood life with her normal teenage life. Last fall she was named Hollywood's Campbell Hall Episcopal High School Homecoming Princess. On top of all of that, she also happens to be a cheerleader at the school. So, while she may shun normal teenage activities like driving, it seems that Dakota knows just how to star grounded.