Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Prince William And More Light Up The BAFTA Red Carpet

With less than two weeks left until the Oscars we've been driving ourselves nuts trying to find ways to pass the time. Thankfully, the British Film Academy Awards (BAFTAs) came to our rescue this weekend with a red carpet filled with everything from tons of "Twilight" stars to a real live prince (beat that Academy Awards!). Long story short, the Brits really know how to put on a good show! Now, on to all the fashion fun...

So, let's cut to the chase. There was no shortage of hype surrounding Kristen Stewart's nomination for the Orange Rising Star award at the BAFTAs (especially since Robert Pattinson was also slated to be at the event). Anyway, we were expecting Kristen to show up to the event rocking black or a darker color, but she totally surprised us (in a good way), by wearing a strapless white dress by Chanel. With the exception of the shoes (too bridesmaid-like for our taste), we thought Kristen looked totally glam and classy (though we wish she stood up more straight while getting her picture taken). Good thing too, since she won the rising star award.

As for RPattz, we imagine it doesn't take much for our favorite brooding vamp to look good (seriously, all he has to do is like wake up). So, we're having a hard time understanding what went wrong at the BAFTAs. The Gucci suit looked good and all, but that hair ... what was up with that? It looked unevenly cut and awkwardly styled. Frankly, it'd be more suited for a school boy than a movie star. Anyway, word of advice RP, next time don't even bother with the hairbrush, we like your hair unintentionally messy!

So, the Brits have always had one thing we'll never have. A prince, and not just any prince, a really, really good looking one. Figures they'd throw it in our face by bringing him out to the BAFTAs (a prince who likes entertainment? We are so meant to be). Anyways, William looked dashing (no surprise there), but we kinda wish the tux he wore was just a tad bit more modern and edgy. We know he's royalty and all, but doesn't hurt to break with tradition once in awhile right?

Meanwhile, "Harry Potter" star Bonnie Wright was the epitome of perfection. The girl looked gorgeous in gold Prada. Of course, who wouldn't want to look good when you've got a date like "New Moon" and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" star Jamie Campbell Bower on your arm (in case you missed it, the two are officially dating!). These two looked adorable together.

Anna Kendrick (as always) also impressed us with her style. She wore a strapless Emilio Pucci dress, that dazzled the red carpet. Seriously, she looked great and her hair and makeup were totally on point. Our only gripe would have to be the Jimmy Choo shoes, they were a bit too distracting for our taste.

Anna's costar in "Up In the Air," Vera Farmiga, was another red carpet win — uh, well, almost. She looked absolutely breathtaking in a one-shoulder white Marchesa gown. The draping on the dress was simply gorgeous but the black tie around her waist was a bit too wide. Not to mention the fact that we're still not sure how we feel about the mass of ribbons (or were they flowers?), piled against her shoulder. Overall though, the flowy dress looked great paired with a subdued hair do.

Could Carey Mulligan be any cuter? No, seriously. "An Education" star dares to rock super short hair (which we've never had the guts to do), and still manages to look every bit the beauty. Her printed Vivonnet dress was, in a word, different. But that's what we liked about it. So, Kudus to Carey for mixing things up on the red carpet and also for winning the best actress award (we hear that's kind of a big deal).

Whenever we think of Kate Winslet, we always think classic glamour. So, when we saw Kate at the BAFTAs, we had to do a double-take. Kate rocked the red carpet in a fitted black Stella McCartney piece, with lace cut-outs at the waist. Umm did we mention there was also a huge, sexy slit down the side? Anyways, Kate's dress was an example in how to add some edge to an outfit without going overboard. It was sultry, without being too revealing.

We're all about giving fashion credit where it's due and last night, it was definitely due to Claire Danes. Claire looked absolutely smashing in a long metallic Burberry gown. The fact that she had perfect hair and makeup (we wouldn't have thought to go with the bright red lipstick, but it worked perfectly) didn't hurt either.

Like Claire, up-and-coming "The Lovely Bones" star, Saoirse Ronan, also chose Burberry for the BAFTAs. If it were up to us, we would have lightened the load of ruffles on the bottom-half of Saorise's dress, and possibly switched up (or maybe all together just taken out) that belt. On a more positive note though, her nails looked great and her shoes were a good match.

"Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe was another red carpet win. Gabourey seemed to be channeling Claire's look with her Tadashi Shoji g gown, since the two pieces were nearly identical colors. We liked the contrast in the top-half of Gabourey's dress, as well as the pin near her waist. Although, we wish the bottom-half of the dress had some more embellishments.

To see more of the BAFTA red carpet, press play on the video below!

What did you think of the looks from the BAFTA awards? Who was on your best dressed list? And worst?