The First 'Eclipse' Trailer's Out March 12: What Do You Hope It Includes?

Finally, finally an "Eclipse" trailer is coming out. It seems like a lifetime since "New Moon" hit theaters (truthfully it's only been three months) and now we at MTV — and we're sure many of you out there — are itching for some new "Twilight" action.

Though the release of "Remember Me" is three weeks away and we're sure Summit already has their teaser trailer polished and ready, we have still decided it was essential to put together a wish list of scenes we would like to see included in it.

After the jump, check out our list as well as Kristen Stewart's!


We've all seen the make-out scene photos that were leaked last week, even though Summit quickly did their best to squash them. So, Summit, why not give the fans what they want? That make-out scene is the hottest and heaviest of the series so far, so even a brief flash of it would be enough to whet just about any "Twilight" fan's appetite. Plus, it's fun to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen make-out (even if it's just for the cinema).


In those same leaked photos there was one of Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria, but it would be interesting to see Rachelle Lefevre's replacement in action. From that photo and some others floating around it seems as though the "Eclipse" make-up artists did a pretty good job of keeping Victoria's look consistent, but there is a lot more to making a character convincing than just make-up.


Like the make-out scene, just a brief flash showing Victoria's newborn vampire army (which includes her bloodsucking minion, Riley, played by Xavier Samuel) snarling and ready to kill would be enough to excite any fan of the series — and maybe draw a few uninterested viewers in. We've been saying for a while now that "Eclipse" is the most guy-friendly of all the "Twilight Saga" films (especially with "30 Days of Night" director David Slade at the helm), and this would be a good chance for Summit to start proving it. (Note: Kristen also said she'd like to see the newborns in the trailer — scroll down for more on that!)


A big part of "Eclipse" involves the Quileute wolf pack and Cullen vampire family coming to terms with each other despite generations of hatred, and it would be cool to see a hint of that in the trailer. Like the newborn army, the idea of werewolves and vampires working together gives "Eclipse" more of a traditional supernatural feel and might bring in the werewolf/vampire-loving audience that made "Underworld" successful.


We aren't going to spoil this scene for any of you uninitiated, but let's just say Jacob (Taylor Lautner) does something that really pisses Bella off to the point that she punches him, but the whole him being a werewolf thing and very solid ruins Bella's attempt. If this scene isn't at least in the trailer, it better have made its way into the movie.

As for Bella herself, we checked in with Kristen last night at the premiere of her latest release, "The Yellow Handkerchief," and while she said it was "news to her" that the "Eclipse" trailer was even premiering before "Remember Me," she did admit want she hopes to see: "There's a really cool thing that happens on a cliff with Jacob that should definitely be in there," she explained. "Battle stuff. I would say the [newborn vampires]. The newborns are going to look awesome." Press play below to hear more!

We want to know: what do you hope to see in the very first "Eclipse" trailer? Write it down in the comments section below or send us a tweet @hollywoodcrush!

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