Leonardo DiCaprio Really Doesn't Want To Talk About 'Jersey Shore' Anymore

Late January, at the junket for "Shutter Island," my colleague Josh Horowitz engaged Leonardo DiCaprio on the solemn subjects of Miss Snooki, Mr. The Situation and all things overly tanned and sodden with hair gel. The A-lister and the "Jersey Shore" crew had kicked it together at a West Hollywood hotspot and Leo confessed to us, "I'm a fan of the show. I think it's hilarious."

On Wednesday evening, however, I found myself at the "Shutter Island" red carpet at the Ziegfeld Theatre and charged with the momentous task of probing DiCaprio further on the topic of the most fist-pumping of reality shows. With the question of where exactly the cast will head for its second season still up in the bass-thumping air, I wanted to know if the worldly actor — whose roles have taken him from Thailand to South Africa to a luxury cruise liner — had any suggestions for the perfect new "Shore" locale.

The results of my steadfast commitment to scoop-scoring journalism — which can be seen in the video below — were amazing. And by amazing, I mean the look Leo gave me as I uttered the words "Jersey" and "Shore" and the thought seemingly running through his head was something like, "I'm far too good-looking and too rich to deal with your jackass questions." To be fair, he's totally right.