Are Whitney Port And 'Buried Life' Star Ben Nemtin Dating? It Seems Yes!

"The City" star "Whitney Port hasn't exactly been lucky in love since moving to New York. I mean, remember that rocker Jay she dated who couldn't really commit (or, uh, groom his facial hair correctly)? Right. Well, if the rumors we've heard prove true, things might finally be looking up for our stylista (yay!). Apparently, she's found a new interest right down the MTV halls (and no it's not "The Situation," although how awesome would that be?). So, who's the lucky guy? It might just be "The Buried Life" cast member Ben Nemtin.

Ben appeared with his castmates on the Ryan Seacrest show this morning, where the ever inquistive Ryan asked him if he was single. Ben's response? "How did I know you were going to ask me this, yeah I've kind of been hanging out with Whitney when I am in New York." Hmm, that doesn't sound very "single" to us.

When Ryan asked him whether the two were dating, Ben responded that they had just met and once again added that they hung out whenever he was in New York.

Regardless of what they are, Whit's certainly been tweeting quite a lot about "The Buried Life" lately. Here's one of her most recent tweets:

"If U love dancing as much as I do watch @theburiedlife compete in a krump competition tonight on mtv @10 U guys better teach me your moves."

Ben, you following? Teach the girl some krump moves the next time you're "hanging out."

Anyway, we're pretty excited about this possible pairing. We're totally imagining Ben making cameos on "The City" and Whit helping the boys of "The Buried Life" (new episodes air on Mondays at 10pm EST) accomplish their goals, while giving back.

What about you? Do you think Whitney and Ben make a cute couple?