'Shutter Island' Star Leonardo DiCaprio: Oscar Nominee, Sex Symbol...'Jersey Shore' Fan?

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of our generation's most celebrated actors, who at the age of 35 has been nominated for an Oscar three times and worked with legendary director Martin Scorsese four times (the pair's latest effort, the thriller "Shutter Island" opens this weekend.) But, who's to say that even those at the top of the A-list can't have a couple of guilty pleasures?

Turns out, Leo has no shame in admitting he's a fan of the guiltiest pleasure in recent history, the reality mega hit, "Jersey Shore"! So much so, that during a night on the town he found himself hanging out with the likes of "J-Woww" and Pauly D. In a recent interview with MTV News, Leo spills the details on how he wound up partying with the cast (sadly, no mention of any fist pumps.)

"They were out one night and a friend of mine introduced me," Leo explained, adding, "I'm a fan of the show. I think it's hilarious." When asked if he's more of a "Snooki" person or a "Situation" guy (we here at the Crush see him as more of the cute and lovable Vinny, how about you?) Leo simply laughed and said, "I'm a fan of all of them."

Are you surprised to learn that Leo is a "Jersey Shore" fan, Crushers? Will you be skipping a little "GTL" time this weekend to check out "Shutter Island"?