Alicia Silverstone Reunites With 'Clueless' Director Amy Heckerling For Vampire Flick, 'Vamps'

It seems as though it would be naive to think the vampire craze had begun to fade away. Maybe it's because we're on the off-season of both "The Twilight Saga" and "True Blood," maybe it's because we're all gearing up for a big Valentine's Day weekend and an even bigger late-winter blockbuster season ("Alice in Wonderland" and "Shutter Island," anyone?), but for some crazy reason the concept of new vampire film properties had begun to fade in the recesses of our brains.

Thanks to Alicia Silverstone and Amy Heckerling, the actress and writer/director who brought us "Clueless," we have learned our lesson from such wishful thinking. Amy was already attached to the modern day vampire romantic comedy "Vamps" along with actress Krysten Ritter (pictured, right), but now Alicia has signed on to be the second lead.

The story revolves around the "modern day tale of two young beautiful female vampires living the good nightlife in New York until love enters the picture and each has to make a choice that will jeopardize their immortality." As stated above, Alicia and Krysten will play the two vampiresses, though there is no word yet on who their love interests will be.

Back when news first broke back in November about Amy's film and Krysten joining the cast, we at Hollywood Crush gave a few suggestions about who we thought should star opposite Krysten in the film. Our selections were Amanda Bynes, Emma Stone and Aly Michalka, but we like the idea of reteaming Alicia with Amy, the director who made her a star. Also, it seems our choices were a bit on the young side.

Considering the failure of the edgy "Daybreakers" to make a splash in the box office, it seems interesting that the logical choice seems to be to swing the other way and make a light-hearted romantic comedy about vampires (if we're considering "Twilight," "True Blood" and "Vampire Diaries" to be our fulcrum). The premise of "Vamps" seems fun, but we're going to wait on more casting details and a more elaborate plot synopsis before we determine either way whether we think this will be a hit or miss.

What do you think about Alicia Silverstone in "Vamps"?