New 'Remember Me' Clip Shows Robert Pattinson And Emilie De Ravin Arguing Over Dessert

Sure it's still a month away from release, but with Valentine's Day this weekend the buzz for Robert Pattinson's new romantic drama "Remember Me" is hitting full bloom. MySpace has an exclusive clip from the film (see it after the jump!) featuring Rob and his leading lady Emilie de Ravin as they place their orders at an Indian restaurant, and we're liking Emilie's character Ally's take on life.

"I just don't see the point in waiting," Ally says after she orders her maple ice cream dessert before her lamb dish, and we have a feeling that that's going to be a recurring philosophy for her during the film.

From the trailer and pictures we've seen of the film so far it seems like Emilie and Rob have great chemistry, but this scene between Ally and his character, Tyler, seems to cement that fact. They have a great rapport back and forth which leads us to hope that Rob won't deliver his lines as awkwardly in the film as he did in the clip's intro. And, after hearing only Emilie's Australian accent for so long on "Lost," it's nice to hear her take a stab at an American one.

"What if I die eating my vindoo? I'd die without having eaten the one thing I wanted most," Ally explains about her dinner situation to an amused Tyler. "Guarantee me — swear to me on your eternal soul — that I make it to my entree, and I'll wait. If I die, you'll have to live the rest of your life knowing not only did you lie to me, but you denied me of my one last indulgence. My last wish. Are you prepared to shoulder that kind of responsibility for it?"

The clip ends with Tyler laughing after Ally's explanation, but we're guessing Ally ends up eating her dessert before dinner. It seems like Ally has a way of getting what she wants, and her artful act of persuasion has a lot to do with it. I think we all have a thing or two to learn from the dessert-before-dinner guilt-trip argument.

In case you missed it, there was also an exclusive clip of the now-infamous "shower scene" (the same one in which we debuted stills of on Monday) over at MovieFone.

Press play below to see the full clip!

Remember Me Exclusive Clip

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