Kristen Stewart's Makeup Artist On 'Runaways' & 'New Moon' Dishes On Creating The Star's Iconic Looks

Kristen Stewart has done her fair share of films, but the two (or four, technically speaking) she is best known for at the moment are "The Twilight Saga," where she plays the human Bella Swan in the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling vampire series; and "The Runaways," where she plays rock icon Joan Jett.

Both films feature extremely different looks for Kristen, but it was makeup artist Robin Matthews who handled both "The Runaways" and "New Moon" and "Eclipse." Nylon Magazine recently did an interview with Robin to ask her about working on both projects.

"'The Runaways' was a bit harder [to do makeup for] because it was recreating real people, icons," Robin answered when asked which of the two films was harder to work on." It was hard to live up to although Bella is pretty much a teen icon, too."

Despite the seemingly plain-Jane element of Bella Swan's look, Robin said creating it was a lot harder than it seemed.

"Her look was so tricky, because she had to be a naturally pretty girl, but shes also surrounded by these mythical creatures. She needs to be plain, but beautiful at the same time," Robin shared. "Its all about the flawless skin and a naturally pretty cheek color. The number one question I get is the lips and I cant give it up yet!"

But what she would give up was how to recreate Joan Jett's iconic smoky eyes that Kristen wore in "The Runaways." "Make Up Forever makes a great one thats long-lasting. Also, the regular MAC kohl eye pencil is great for smudging," Robin said. She also added that, while taking off makeup at night is very important for healthy skin, leaving eye liner on overnight is key for true rock-n-roll smoky eyes.

Even though she has worked with many big name actresses from Dakota Fanning and the rest of the "Twilight Saga" and "Runaways" cast to Anna Faris, Robin was quick to say Kristen Stewart was her beauty icon. "[Shes] the most chameleon-like actress that Ive ever witnessed. She can play a beauty or a wreck at the same time if she wants to," Robin said. "She just has a bone structure that allows her to be morphed into other things easily."

Robin continued to tell stories of just how in-character Kristen can get while shooting -- a tale we have heard many times before.

"We had just finished shooting 'New Moon' a week prior to 'The Runaways,' and I started noticing that [Kristen] had a little bit of a hunch I never really noticed that she stood like that and walked like that," Robin said. "And [then] I realized that's how Joan [Jett] stands, because she plays the guitar. We shot 'Eclipse' two days after 'The Runaways' [ended], and the hunch was gone!"