'Twilight' EXCLUSIVE: Get Your First Look At Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black Doll!

Last week when it was announced that Taylor Lautner got cast as "Stretch Armstrong," we made note that with that project (and "Max Steel") he was "quite literally becoming a boy toy." Well, we're back now to reinforce that claim with an exclusive first look at the brand new Jacob Black doll!

The limited edition Jacob action figure, which comes a few (long-awaited!) months after Tonner debuted its Laurent, Victoria, James and "Hungry Edward" dolls during last July's Comic-Con, will be shapeshifting released this summer. The cost of the 17-inch-tall, hard plastic and vinyl figure will be $149.99 and there are only a limited number (3000 to be exact!) being made, so Twilighters, this is a chance to own a piece of cinematic history!

See the full Jacob in all his "muscular" glory after the jump!

Tonner's Jacob Black figure

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What do you think of the Jacob figure? Will you be adding one to your "Twilight" merchandise collection?