'Southland' Star Ben McKenzie's Key To Wooing Girls On Valentine's Day? Head To The Gun Range!

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Former Hump Day Hottie Ben McKenzie may not be willing to divulge on the details of his personal life, but that doesn't mean he isn't willing to discuss how he charms the socks off of the ladies. Have you ever wondered what a date with Ben would be like? Well, it will definitely involve a lot of danger.

Now, those who follow our Hump Day Hottie feature every week know that Ben isn't scared to get into a scrape to prove a point. So, it seems fairly unsurprising that he is willing to get his hands dirty on Valentine's Day for the special lady in his life (whomever she may be). With that in mind, however, we're a tad suspicious of his, uh, ideas for the perfect way to spend the romantic holiday. Still — we'd never pass up the chance to spend some alone time with the "Southland" star.

Dating the former Ryan Atwood means serious danger, so it's a good thing he knows how to use his gun. (That's what she said!) "I've learned a lot from the cops," he told MTV News before describing his ideal night on that town with a woman. "I would take her to the firing range. And then take her on a ride along in gang territory in South Central L.A."

One thing Ben would avoid? Letting the girl know how manly and romantic he can actually be. "Oh yeah. Indeed [it would show how brave I am] and the romance. Sure OK. Yeah exactly."

Hey, as much as we value our lives, we'd be down with having Ben protect us in the name of love. Would you?