EXCLUSIVE: 'Twilight' Star Thrilled With Anna Kendrick's Oscar Nom: 'Human pride! Represent!'

For nearly a year now, fans and the media have been speculating on whether Anna Kendrick could become the first “Twilight Saga” star to earn an Oscar nomination. Well, unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you now know that she earned the Best Supporting recognition on Tuesday, which is huge news to “Twilight” fans.

Now, her costar and fellow Forks High student Michael Welch has reached out to MTV with his reaction — and let’s just say he’s happier than a vegetarian vampire with a freshly-killed deer.

“Human pride!” Michael beamed when we spoke, revealing where Mike Newton's loyalties lie. “Represent!”

That's right: For those of you keeping score at home, it's vampires zero, werewolves zero, humans one.

Michael was clearly thrilled for his friend and co-star Kendrick, but added that with the "Twilight" saga bringing together so many talented actors, it was just a matter of time before one of them made it into the Oscar promised land.

“There are a lot of people in this that are capable of the kind of work that could lead to an Oscar nomination,” he said of the immensely popular series. “It doesn’t happen to many actors.”

“Anna deserves it. She has an uncanny ability to get under the skin of her characters,” Michael said of the “Up in the Air” actress, who plays Jessica Stanley in the “Twilight” films. “She really seems to understand the mindset of the girls she plays.”

“It’s almost as if she starts out with clichés that we are all familiar with, then builds the character by figuring out their world view, making them unique and personal and therefore turning them from clichés into real people,” he marveled. “Her characters are familiar, but one of a kind. It’s remarkable.”

Michael also revealed to us that he texted her a congratulatory message as soon as he heard the news about her nomination.

“I haven’t gotten to talk directly with her about it,” he said, adding that he hopes to catch up with her soon. “From what I know about Anna, she’s not in it for the awards or accolades, only the work. This — ironically — is why she deserves the awards and accolades!”

Although Anna may be the first "Twilight" star to be nominated, Michael vowed that she won’t be the last. “There are a lot of people in this saga that are capable of the kind of work that could lead to an Oscar nomination,” he said, expecting more Oscar glory ahead. "I think potentially we have what it takes; we’ve just gotta keep working hard."

Hey Twilighters, who do you think will be the next Saga star to earn an Oscar nomination?