Taylor Lautner Falls Head Over Heels For Taylor Swift In A New 'Valentine's Day' Clip

There's Julia, Bradley, Jessica (both Biel and Alba) and a bevvy of other Hollywood A-listers. But, let's face it, this "Valentine's Day" is all about Taylor and Taylor! The once real life couple, Grammy winner Taylor Swift and Team Jacob team leader Taylor Lautner, play Samantha and Tyler a young high school couple in love in the upcoming romantic comedy.

In this clip, Swift is being interviewed by a news reporter about how she met and fell for her boyfriend. As we noted earlier, Swift recently talked to MTV News about playing a popular, pretty girl and in the clip you can tell she's traded her country music drawl for a Valley Girl voice and her typically demure demeanor is now confident and flirty.

Swift's character explains that she was "not into him at first" and that he would often hit her with spitwads ("So junior high!") All of that changes for her when one day Tyler uses his spitwad skills to pass her a note (which she later found in her hair) that read, "What's up?" While we don't condone spitwadding, if Taylor Lautner passed us a note, we'd probably be exclaiming, "That is so cute!" too.

So maybe he's not the perfect Romeo in the movie, but Lautner does get to show off his comedic skills — don't miss witnessing his track practice when he tries to look good for the cameras but fails miserably.

Lautner takes a pretty mighty tumble but defiantly gets back on his feet, thanks to his encouraging girlfriend, who yells to him, "Walk it off, baby, walk it off! You're still hot!" We always knew Lautner was willing to go the extra mile for his craft by taking off his shirt for "New Moon" but who knew he had such a knack for physical comedy?

Watch the full clip above and tell us what you think about Taylor and Taylor!

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