Britney Spears At The 2010 Grammy Awards: What's Up With That Lacy Bodysuit?

Britney Spears, lace and Dolce & Gabbana have a history. Britney famously wore a see-through lace dress to the 2001 VMAs (pictured, below right). Believe it or not, that was nearly a decade ago. Well, it's now 2010 and Britney, lace and D&G rekindled their romance last night at the Grammy Awards. But, not with quite the same ready carpet results.

The Grammy-nominated star showed up to the big show (where she lost Best Dance Recording to Lady Gaga), in a black bodysuit covered with a knee-length, lace dress. The look, which we assume was supposed to be sexy, was paired with dark locks and makeup that we actually give two thumbs up to (Brit's beau, Jason Trawick, was her date). Everything from the neck up looked great and she looked really happy — it's just too bad she decided to wear that frock.

Is it her worse fashion crime? That's hard to say. Britney, as we all know, isn't always the belle of the ball when it comes to style (do we recall her matching denim outfit with Justin Timberlake?), but we'll let this one slide because we've all had our fair share of fashion missteps.

What did you think of the dress? Do you think she should have worn something different?