'Wizarding World Of Harry Potter' Park: Butterbeer Will Be Sold, But Will It Be Alcoholic?

It's no secret that what I think is the coolest element of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, over Ollivander's Wand Shop and Hogwarts Castle, is the fact that visitors will be able to sample J.K. Rowling-approved butterbeer at The Hog's Head or Three Broomsticks restaurants.

I am not alone in this passion. In the special Wizarding World of Harry Potter featurette on the "Half-Blood Prince" DVD, Michael Gambon (who plays Dumbledore, for you uninitiated) said, "The first thing I do when I get there, I'm going to go to The Hog's Head pub. I'm going to order myself eight pints of butterbeer."

Though J.K. Rowling made up the wizard beverage, she once told Bon Appetit magazine it tasted like a "less-sickly butterscotch." In the books, it is served both hot and cold, and contains enough alcohol content to give Harry and his friends a bit of a buzz when they drink it. Universal's VP of creative development, Thierry Coup, shared with us that the Wizarding World's version of butterbeer would not be alcoholic, but was still done right.

"It was really fun to be a part of the whole tasting different [attempts at butterbeer] to try until J.K. Rowling really felt, okay, this is it, this is what I always thought butterbeer should taste like," Coup shared with us in a phone interview. "It was a very exciting moment to see her smile and actually taste it. It's a delicious thing, first of all. It's everything you expected it to be."

But don't expect Universal to be giving away their secret recipe any time soon, or to be bottling it up and selling it off. The Wizarding World is going to be the one place for "Harry Potter" fans to flock and get a butterbeer-froth mustache.

"You can buy as much as you want: here at the Hog's Head Pub," Coup teased us. "You have to come here and taste it."