Kristen Stewart Prepared For 'Welcome To The Rileys' By Practicing At A Real Strip Club

When Kristen Stewart takes a role, she puts her entire self into it. For "New Moon," she said she got so into Bella's character that the big break-up scene with Robert Pattinson's Edward, nearly killed her, and now she is back to throwing herself into her character head-first.

For "Welcome to the Rileys," her second film to debut at Sundance this year, Kristen plays a stripper who meets a troubled man (James Gandolfini) who tries to rescue her and also use her to replace his dead daughter. In order to truly get in character, Kristen did what all good actors are supposed to do: researched her character.

"I talked to a couple of girls who worked in a strip club that we actually used for the set," she told MTV News at Sundance. "One of them was really dynamic, really interesting and charismatic. The other girl was less willing to talk about stuff, which means she's probably more in touch with it than the girl that was willing to talk about it. She's in the middle."

Director Jake Scott told MTV that she even went as far as to practice her dancing at the club itself. We're guessing — even though "Rileys" was filming before "Twilight" hit theaters and became a worldwide film phenomenon — this is one place Twi-hards would not venture, and maybe that was the point.

"She went for it," Jake told MTV. "She got dirty. I think she was dying to do something like this."