James Franco To Return To 'General Hospital' For 'Very Special Episode'

Watch out, Port Charles, James Franco's stint on "General Hospital" is not over. James revealed that while he doesn't have plans to appear on any other soaps, he would be returning to "GH" this spring.

"Other soaps have not called. The 'General Hospital' thing is not over. It will be one more very special episode that we will film in May in New York, so that's an ongoing thing," disclosed the actor, while promoting his film "Howl" at the Sundance Film Festival.

In case you weren't watching "GH" for the past couple of months, James Franco's character is named, well, Franco. He's a serial killer and an artist, and his art is all about his murders.

He came to Port Charles, because of his obsession with Jason Morgan, who is a hit man for Port Charles mobster Sonny Corinthos. Franco respected Jason and his skill in his line of work, but when he tried to meet Jason at a Franco art exhibit set up by Crimson magazine, Jason brushed Franco off. Insulted, Franco made Jason's life a living hell for the duration of his stay in Port Charles.

Franco played mind games with Jason, which climaxed with a choice: Franco kidnapped Sam (Jason's girlfriend played by Kelly Monaco) and Lulu (Jason's best friend Carly's cousin) and put them on opposite ends of town with explosives. Jason was given only enough time to save one girl. He picked Sam, but it turned out that her bomb was fake. However, Lulu's bomb wasn't and it went off. Luckily, Jason had called Dominic (Lulu's boyfriend/ an undercover cop who is trying to bust Sonny -- another story for another time) to save Lulu. In the end, everyone survived.

And Franco vanished, unscathed.

Looks like Jason Morgan's nightmare isn't over yet — are you excited for Franco's return to "General Hospital"?