'The City' Star Olivia Palermo And Boyfriend Johannes Huebl Share How They Fell In Love

By Cara Alwill

Elle magazine recently sat down with "The City" star Olivia Palermo and her boyfriend, model Johannes Huebl for an interview for their February issue feature, "How Do I Love Thee?" The issue, which comes out just in time for Valentine’s Day, rounds up some of New York’s most fashionable couples to discuss modern romance.

Just from watching a video interview with Olivia and Johannes, it is clear they are head over heels for each other. The two lovebirds explained they they met through mutual friends at a social gathering. Olivia glowed as she talks about the love of her life, who is a model/photographer from Berlin. "I think that we grow together. I think that I’m constantly learning, and we're both eager to learn about not only each other, but our interests," she told Elle of their relationship success.

"I agree, I learn much more about her world, and I try to sneak her into what I did before, and where I come from," Johannes added. As far as Olivia’s public image is concerned, Johannes says that she is nothing like the way she is portrayed on "The City." "She is completely different than she's been portrayed on her job, everyone who meets her — especially with me — is surprised about her happiness, and her friendliness and smiles," he says.

When asked about what she likes to see Johannes wear, Olivia admits that her beau looks flawless no matter what he’s got on. "He can wear a garbage bag and he looks fantastic. He wears absolutely everything well," she gushed.

The couple feels that they share a classic, old fashioned love. "I think we have a very conservative, old romantic, private approach to our love," Johannes said. Whatever their love may be, it’s clear that it’s real. These two definitely have met their match! Now, how can we get this boy on the show so we can see more of him??

To see the the magazine's full video footage of Olivia and Johannes's photoshoot and interview, head over to Elle.com.