Ryan Gosling Would Love To Play A Total Pyschopath On 'The Office'

Over the past six seasons, "The Office" has had a number of great guest stars that would be hard—that's what she said—to beat. We're thinking of folks like Oscar-nominee Amy Ryan and bombshell Jessica Alba, who made a memorable cameo in a boot-legged video alongside Jack Black. But when we heard that Golden Globe host and series creator Ricky Gervais' dream guest star was Ryan Gosling, well, we nearly melted. Now if only Ryan were game. When we caught up with the 29-year-old while promoting his new flick "Blue Valentine" at the Sundance Film Festival, we just had to ask.

"I love it. He's my hero," Ryan said regarding Ricky and the proposed cameo. "He was like, 'Yeah, I think Ryan would be the perfect guy to play a total psycho, to go into his office and kill everybody," he added with a laugh. "Yeah, anytime. He's the best."

And if you think Ryan was exaggerating about Ricky wanting him to play a psychopath, think again. Here's what the comic originally told E! News: "I'd like to see [Ryan] do something, like a really, moody nerd who's not touched by anything, but he frustrates the whole team maybe," Ricky said. "He'd play someone who could go mad with an Uzi in a McDonald's because someone treated him badly. He could play a really, really, angsty guy, and they can't get through to him. Michael

Scott's going, 'You can't smoke here,' and he'll just go, 'There's not a law against it.' Ryan could really do something exciting."

Being a fan of both "The Office" and Ryan Gosling, I think this is a stellar idea. (I smell a Sweeps win for sure!) What do you think, Crushers? Would you like to see Ryan Gosling on "The Office"? Should we start the online petition now?