'Vampire Diaries' Star Steven R. McQueen Dishes On Dude-Bonding Roadtrips And Filming In Atlanta

"The Vampire Diaries" star Steven R. McQueen is no stranger to acting. He comes from a family full of thespians — most famously, his namesake movie-star grandfather, Steve McQueen. But Steven told Hollywood Crush last week that he "fell into acting a little late." Seeing as he was 17 (about the same age as quite a few high school seniors) when he landed the recurring role of Kyle Hunter on The WB's "Everwood," it seems he might've gotten a bit of a head start. Naturally, the profession turned out to be a great fit. "Once I started doing it I knew it was something I would love," he said. "It just kind of became my passion. ...I've been blessed and pretty much worked ever since."

If the lucky genes weren't enough, Steven's worked with an impressive roster of acting heavyweights since 2005. "I've learned more and more on each show that I've done. I've been blessed and I've gotten to work with some very talented actors — James Gandolfini, Treat Williams. ...I've kind of always asked for advice and tried to take in as much as I could whenever working with them."

After getting his gig on "Vampire Diaries," Steven was about to read the first book in the L.J. Smith series when he found out that his character, Jeremy, a troubled teen, was originally a 4-year-old girl. "I asked one of my little girl cousins who had already read it and she kind of gave me a look," he said. "I got the gist of it from [them], they were so excited, they started jumping up and down on their beds. It was really cute." (All together now: awwwwwww.)

As you may recall, "VD" star Kat Graham told Hollywood Crush in October that she and the rest of the ladies of the cast like to have sleepovers, and the whole gang took a trip to a lake house together. Well, Steven confirmed that the guys all hang out too. In fact, the boys took a road trip to Ohio two weekends ago to see a playoff football game. "We drove up there, which was let's say about a nine-hour drive from Atlanta, just for the game. [We were] in the freezing cold, sat in the bleachers, then drove right back."

Since the show will continue shooting until April, Steven said he's sure there will be more bonding adventures. "I'm sure a couple of lake trips will be in there, maybe even another football game trip." Since most of the cast members aren't actually from Atlanta, where "VD" is filmed, Steven said they've gotten very close. "Coming from LA and from Vancouver and being in a place that we all weren't very used to, it's really caused us to bond like a family."

Since Atlanta is pretty far removed from Hollywood, Steven said that the cast felt a completely different taste of their newfound fame when they went back to L.A. for the winter holidays. "In Atlanta we don't really feel the hype, but going back to LA, I'll tell you it was crazy. We'd just be in random places and people would just start running up and crying. It was very surreal. It's a little intimidating, but it was cool."

If things keep going this well, you might just have to get used to it, Steven.