New 'Valentine's Day' Stills Reveal More Scenes With Taylor Swift, Emma Roberts And Eric Dane!

Whether you're single or have a special someone, we bet you can't wait until "Valentine's Day"—the movie, that is. With half of Hollywood starring in this romantic comedy, including a slew of hotties like Bradley Cooper and Ashton Kutcher, Hollywood Crush can hardly wait for the flick's February 12 release date. While we'd love to send each of our readers a heart-shaped box of chocolates to celebrate, our budget's a wee too small. So instead, as our gift to you, we've compiled a flipbook featuring 25 (!!) images from the movie.

In this still, we catch country cutie Taylor Swift and Jennifer Garner, accompanied by a very large fluffy bear, chatting in an elevator. Taylor's clad in a fun flannel shirt, with the number "13" writen on her hand. Can you say Taylor Lautner's track jersey number? (Wink, wink!) All of the promotion for the film involving She-Taylor has always been alongside He-Taylor, so we're thrilled to see that Swift will be sharing scenes with other cast members.

But the Taylors aren't the only ones representing young love in the flick. Emma Roberts and "Aliens in the Attic" actor Carter Jenkins seem to be sharing a moment in the back of this interestingly painted car. Gold applique, really? Anyway... with Carter holding several mysterious paper bags in his hands, it looks like he might play a take-out deliver boy in the flick. At least that means he'll have enough money to buy Emma a proper Valentine's Day gift.

In our final image, Jessica Biel and hottie-pattotie Eric Dane are sharing a yummy-looking brunch (is that a Danish I see?). It's been rumored Eric's footballer character in the film is gay, so instead of a romantic rendezvous, perhaps McSteamy is giving unlucky-in-love Jessica some much needed advice?

We've got plenty more "Valentine's Day" images—22 to be exact—for you to peruse, so click on any of the images above for a sneak peek at more stills from the highly anticipated rom-com.

Are you excited to see "Valentine's Day"? What do you think is going on in the pics above?