Corbin Bleu Calls His 'In The Heights' Character 'A Total Dork, He Doesn't Know How To Dance'

“High School Musical” star Corbin Bleu is taking his skills to the stage as he stars in the Broadway hit “In The Heights.” Corbin, who is a native New Yorker, is the perfect fit for the part and so excited to be involved in the show.

MTV News caught up with Corbin as he rehearsed for the show and asked him about his role. "I play a character named Usnavi, who is the local bodega owner," he said. "So it's the hub of the entire community. He is faced with thinking, 'Is this what I really want — the monotony of life?' But in the end, he realizes he has a wonderful life."

Corbin gets to showcase his rapping skills as he takes on the lead role of the bodega owner in the play. He talked about the depth of his part and the dynamic aspects of his character. "The music in it and the dancing isn't something you get to see a lot on Broadway," he said, referencing the show's hip-hop and Latin influences. "[Usnavi] raps. He also is the narrator, and throughout the whole time, he [narrates] through rapping off the top of his head. He's a total dork. He doesn't really know how to dance. He's not very smooth when it comes to the ladies. There's a certain honesty to him."

The rapping came naturally to Corbin, however, and he wasn’t intimidated by the task at hand. “Honestly, the music itself gives way to the rapping. That was something that came pretty easily, 'cause I've always been about rhythm. I grew up salsa dancing. I grew up dancing, period," he explained. "That part of it came naturally."

Will you be seeing Corbin perform in "In The Heights"?