MTV News Takes You Inside The Sundance Celebrity Swag Suites

Ben Affleck said it best when we spoke to the star a couple of days ago and Josh Horowitz asked him to sum up Sundance so far: "Weirdly, it's snow, movies and giveaway lounges … I don't know why that happened."

The Sundance swag suites are everywhere, and showcase a vast array of products. However, this aspect of Sundance is only reality to a select few, and most festival-goers are probably not even aware that Sundance is a mecca of free stuff for celebs. The festival is, after all, first and foremost about the films. Since access to these suites is restricted, we're here to give a taste of what else is happening in Park City besides movie screenings and premieres.

Paris Hilton, who doesn't have a film here, seemed to have made the rounds. She signed the Muscle Milk display fridge, as did many other attendees: Ryan Reynolds, Dakota Fanning, Kelis and even Kristen Stewart, who told us just yesterday that she doesn't partake in the swag suite aspect of Sundance. But, I saw her signature with my very own eyes, so do with that what you will.

The Lia Sophia collection seemed to also be a popular destination for the ladies. Paris took home the entire Lanaya line of jewelry, plus some extra pieces for her sister. American Fererra, Stephanie Pratt, Kelis and others also came by for some jewelry, as well as clothes by Sanctuary.

Khloe Kardashian was also in town and tried on Luxe boots from Australia. Nearby, jewelry company Rebecca displayed displayed products that have recently made the celebrity circuit. In fact, Stephanie Pratt boasts a necklace version of this chunky ring.

That's really just the tip of the iceberg -- you can find everything from organic scented candles by Hip & Hippie (which, by the way, were a big hit at the Golden Globes last weekend), to headphones by Urbanears. And if you're hungry Popchips seem to be a popular free snack, and I'm pretty sure I even saw some beef jerkey from afar the other day. Who knew that was trendy!