'Runaways' Stars Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning Join Joan Jett Onstage at Sundance

Have Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning abandoned their movie careers for rock-star living? Well, probably not but on Saturday night, the stars of "The Runways" joined Joan Jett onstage at a Sundance Film Festival party.

According to People, when Joan Jett & The Blackhearts hit the stage at Harry O's, where the band was there to party alongside the actresses and director Floria Sigismondi, who helmed the film about Joan's '70s band. Joan, dressed in one-piece sequined leotard and sneakers, invited Kristen (who plays Joan) and Dakota (who plays Runaways bandmate Cherie Currie) to join her.

Joan thanked both the director and the actresses on stage before the girls joined her. Dakota wore a dark outfit and heels while Kristen wore a hoodie and ripped jeans. The two very briefly appeared on stage with Joan, waved to the audience and retreated backstage shortly after where they watched the show.

"I thanked everybody really involved with this whole project, helping it come to the big screen," Joan told MTV News of her speech before the concert. "At a later point, I wanted to acknowledge Dakota and Kristen. I brought the two of them and Cherie onto the stage to just wave to everybody. There was no singing, dancing or playing or anything."

Kristen recently spoke to MTV News at Sundance, where she said that coming to the film festival this year has been a very different experience for the her. "I can't walk up and down Main Street, and walking up and down Main Street is sort of where you see everybody and you see what's going on," she explained, before pausing momentarily. "Whoa, I was going to start crying."

But, she did note that Sundance is the place to be to reunite with a number of her costars, including Dakota. "The coolest thing about Sundance is coming back and seeing the people you made the movies with," she said. "Everyone on 'The Runaways,' we became really close. Me and Dakota are really close. I love that she can see [my other Sundance film 'Welcome to the Rileys'] with me."