Superbowl Preparation And Joan Jett Fascination Top Today's Tweet Dreams

There was no question that Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Joan Jett were the talk of the Sundance Film Festival this weekend. The excitement over "The Runaways" rubbed off on Joan Jett fan Jessica Alba, who tweeted, "Got back from Sundance last night -met Joan Jett -I Love Rock N Roll! So rad... yes I still use that word." So rad, in fact, Jessica's daughter Honor Marie might be a future Joan Jett herself, as hubby Cash Warren told followers, " Wife meets Joan Jett once and already wants Honor to be her. Dressed her in a flannel with rolled up sleeves and skinny jeans. Haha."

The women of "The Runaways" may have been the the buzziest thing in Hollywood this weekend, but the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts dominated the sports world as they advanced to face each other for Super Bowl XLIV. While football fans are excited to see these two teams go head to head, reality fans are looking forward to a Kim Kardashian (her beau Reggie Bush is on the Saints) vs. Kendra Wilkinson (hubby Hank Baskett is on the Colts) battle! There doesn't seem to be any sparring between the two E! ladies yet, but Kendra let her excitement known last night night, posting, "got married, had a baby, n now headed to miami to superbowl...what a year its been. mamas havin some dranks in MIA tho..oh yaaa lolol"

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@chriscolfer We're doing a BIG number today at Glee. I mean HUGE! You may need to check yourself into Gleehab after you see it.

-Chris Colfer, Actor ("Glee")

@robertsemma Rocking the snookie hair. My iPhone corrects me and doesn't make sense. Ha

-Emma Roberts, Actress ("Valentine's Day," "Nancy Drew")

@thealexmeraz Growing a beards work!!! Always having to comb it with a toothbrush and then trying 2 not mix up the brushes when cleaning my teeth..TRICKY!

-Alex Meraz, Actor ("New Moon," "Eclipse")

@tomfelton Getting so into American pancakes for breakfast! They impregnate them with chocolate chips that melts as soon as you touch them! Ahhh x

-Tom Felton, Actor ("Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince")

@ddlovato Today I had shoes for lunch. I've got to stop shopping on my lunch breaks..

-Demi Lovato, Singer, Actress ("Sonny With a Chance," "Camp Rock")

@kchenoweth I accidentally ate capN crunch on Today show, and now I want a bowl. Whatya gonna do?

-Kristen Chenoweth, Singer, Actress ("Wicked," "Pushing Daisies")

@elliotyamin Just FYI .. Coke + Halls Cherry does not = Cherry Coke

-Elliot Yamin, Singer

@dan_benson Tip of the Day: Always wear a comfortable pair of shoes. You never know when your going to have to escape from a bunch of crazy ninjas.

-Dan Benson, Actor ("Wizards of Waverly Place") .

@kathygriffin BTW, anyone else thinking Real Housewives of OC is especially crazy this season??? I mean, it's no "Hoarders", of course...

-Kathy Griffin, Comedian, Reality Star ("My Life on the D-List")

@dougbenson I wouldn't hate Mondays so much if they happened on Thursday.

-Doug Benson, Comedian, TV Personality ("Best Week Ever")

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