Will Kristen Stewart's Stripper Role Surprise Twilighters? The Star Says No

Kristen Stewart's punk role in "The Runaways" isn't her only showing at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. She's also appearing in "Welcome to the Rileys," which sees the "Twilight" star as a troubled young stripper named Mallory who becomes a surrogate daughter to a grieving father played by "Sopranos" kingpin James Gandolfini. So naturally, we were curious whether Stewart thought her darker turn will surprise or shock her Twilighter fanbase.

As it turns out, Stewart says the most shocking part of her role is that it's really not that shocking.

"It's really not like a stripper movie at all. You never see me stripping," the actress told us. According to her, the emotional bond between Gandolfini's character and the underage exotic dancer should be a sort of inspiration.

"Most 'Twilight' fans are young girls and this is a really, really good story for them," she said. "It just sort of opens your eyes. You just don't have any options."

Twilighters will have to wait to see exactly how Stewart's character is developed because there's only so much she can share. "I'm speaking really vaguely about it because it's so awful. But yeah, that's like the only way I can describe it."

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