Check Out Our SAG Awards 2010 Red Carpet Live Blog!

It's Saturday night live... from the red carpet of the 16th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards! Follow right along with us as we put a magnifying glass to the style choices of the best of the best from television and film as they gather into Los Angeles' Shrine Exposition Center. So get ready to roll out another red carpet, HIT REFRESH OFTEN (note that the newest posts appear on top) and weigh-in in the comments section below. Cheers to the 2010 SAG Awards!

8:00 And it's showtime! Thanks for staying with us through the SAG red carpet, we hope you enjoyed our fashion commentary. Stay tuned to Crush this week for a recap of the best and worst from tonight! In case you can't wait till then, check out our full red carpet flipbook.

7:59 Giuliana's gotta get one last self promotional plug in: she says to Ross the Intern, "Let's go home tonight, we'll meet at your place and we'll watch our performances on TiVo and critique ourselves, OK?"

7:58 Adam Lambert! He's fashionably late with bigger hair than we've seen on him before. He was at a photoshoot for Flaunt magazine. He's "like a model for sunglasses now." He hasn't been watching "Idol" yet because he feels bad seeing contestants being made fun of during auditions. "It makes me feel bad!"

7:55 Just got a full-length view of Drew's dress. It's tiered near her thighs which adds unnecessary volume.

7:54 Ed O'Neill would rather live next to his "Modern Family" and not the one he had on "Married With Children." We don't blame him.

7:52 Penelope Cruz is in a black dress. G is asking her about her comment at the Golden Globes that she "holds her own umbrella." These are the hard-hitting questions you won't see anywhere else, folks.

7:52 Drew Barrymore is in a plum purple strapless dress. Her hair looks elegant but I don't understand why she always opts for a nude lip.

7:49 Ross the Intern is ecstatic to be meeting Gabourey Sidibe. She's equally hyper. What a cute girl. She just said she "wasn't an actress" last year. She also claims Justin Timberlake smells like strawberries "as well as everyone else." Food for thought.

7:49 My boy, Michael C. Hall's wife, Jennifer Carpenter is in an all-white, long sleeved dress with black heels.

7:47 Julianna Margulies in a Narciso Rodriguez dress that looks like it could be velvet. That's a new fabric for this season. What say you at home?

7:45 Jane Krakowski is in an Alberta Ferretti dress that reminds us a lot of Marion's, but without the beading.

7:44 Steve Carell: "There is no 'True Blood' sexy. There is only 'Office' sexy." No, there's not — unless Alexander Skarsgard is involved.

7:43 Giuliana just said "it's star after star after star showing up!" Nothing gets past her, does it?

7:42 Marion Cotillard is in Elie Saab. It's a silvery-white one shoulder. Very of the moment for the "Nine" star. Why does she always look so perfectly put together? Marion, we want style tips!

7:42 Christina Hendricks is also in red!

7:41 And G is back being awkward! She just asked Matthew Morrison to flex for her.

7:40 Oh wait, we take that back, the bottom of Mariska's dress is really pretty with a flowy hem.

7:39 Mariska is in a magenta Vera Wang dress. Great color and we like the halter, but for some reason it could use more pizazz!

7:37 Sandra is on the hot seat now. We're getting a closer look at the gown, which is all black with a cobalt blue beaded pattern on the collar. It's a bit 80s for our taste.

7:34 Commercial break. How is everyone at home doing? What has been your favorite look tonight?

7:31 Justin is avoiding the age-old "are you working on an album?" question. He says he's writing but hasn't figured out what he wants his next album to sound like. Our suggestion: use that emotional version of "Hallelujah" that you belted out last night at the "Hope For Haiti Now" telethon!

7:30 Justin Timberlake is also wearing Dolce & Gabbana. G is asking him if she can "show him a move." We're SO embarrassed for her right now. Justin looks frightened and uncomfortable.

7:28 Julia Louis Dreyfus is in a bronze Dolce & Gabbana. It took the poor girl a second to approach Giuliana, though, because the E! reporter was busy mumbling to herself.

7:27 Lea Michele!! Her hair is down this time, and she is in an AMAZING green Catherine Malandrino dress. This might just be our favorite of the night so far. It's a bit mature with it's deep plunging neckline, but it just looks perfect on her.

7:25 Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer just arrived too. We didn't get a good look at the dress, though, so stay tuned!

7:24 Sandra Bullock just stepped on the carpet and I'm kind of doing a double take at her dress: it's a little bit of a head scratcher. Her jewel-toned purple gown at the Golden Globes was fantastic, but what is this black dress with odd blue patterns at the top?

7:22 Kyra Segdwick is wearing a beautiful Vera Wang, it's cream with a sheer black design on on the top.

7:21 Katrina Bowden apparently ran over a white bird on her way to the the event, because her dress is covered in feathers and cinched at the waist with a black sash.

7:19 Sofia is in a color-blocked cherry red, deep red and grey gown with beading. The shape is very flattering, but the colors don't quite say glamour to us.

7:18 Another "Modern Family" actress on the carpet: Sofía Vergara. Seriously, is this entire show made up of "Modern Family" and "Glee" stars? We're beginning to think!

7:16 Mindy Kaling is wearing a sparkly Roberto Cavalli, but it's not that

7:15 Sherri Shepherd is very hyper and excited to be at the SAG awards. She's shaking her booty in her black and white Carmen Marc Valvo. Sherri thinks Alec is "looking yummy." TMI, Sherri, TMI!

7:11 Holly Hunter is in Alberta Ferretti. We always love her Southern accent.

7:10 Cheryl Hines is in a a deep teal gown. We're liking the one shoulder and the non-structured pleats.

7:08 Mark says he does get "dude attention" at the gym when G asks him about it. He's wearing a Hugo Boss suit which looks like it's trying to be a tux with black labels. The pants had stripes. We're not big fans.

7:08 No one has ever called Mark's hair a "Glee"-hawk. G is the first. Apparently she can be creative.

7:07 G is trying to get the scoop out of Jane about Mark Salling. Apparently Mark ate nothing buy yams for three days to get a six-pack. If that's true, then we might have to look into that.

7:05 "Glee" funny woman Jane Lynch followed up Tina Fey. Jane's keeping her fashion flair alive with a navy blue gown.

7:02 Tonight, Tina's wearing a very pretty purple knee-length, form-fitting dress by Ferragamo. Her shoes, however, are fantastic: sparkling Louboutins!

7:01 Whoa whoa! Did we just hear Tina Fey accuse Giuliana of "taking a steaming dump on me last week?" G rolled her eyes and we laughed out loud! We actually put Tina on our worst dressed list, so: guilty as charged!

7:00 Anna Kendrick! She's in a magenta strapless dress. She said the Haiti telethon last night was "unbelievable and really moving." Ross doesn't ask her who she is wearing, tsk tsk!

7:00 The most unhealthy thing Julie has done this week is going three days with out eating a fresh fruit or vegetable. Tough life!

6:58 "Modern Family" acress Julie Bowen is wearing a dress by a designer who sounds like Paloma Khan (??). It's very yin and yang with one side white and the other black.

6:55 My fellow red carpet watcher, my BFF, is currently whining about cell phone commercials, while we whine about Giuliana's lack of interesting questions for ANYONE!

6:53 Another "Glee" sighting near the limos. Jessalyn Gilsig in a wine red strapless dress. She looks pretty!

6:52 Vera Farmiga is with G now. She's wearing a pale J. Mendel dress with sheer overlay cap sleeves. It's pretty, but with her skin and the equally pale (and matchy-matchy) makeup, it washes her out a bit.

6:51 Giuliana is asking Alec if he's heard the rumor that Tina Fey is going to be a surprise third host at the Oscars. Alec says he actually likes that idea.

6:50 Billy just made an x-rated comment. We shall not repeat it, but it was about "It's Complicated" and Meryl Streep.

6:48 G is now reading Alec Baldwin's text message. She says "is that rude?" and laughs. Oh, Giuliana, you're so not funny. Billy Baldwin is Alec's date! Billy, as we just found out is going to play Serena's dad on "Gossip Girl."

6:46 Amber Riley from "Glee" in da house in a great gold dress. She says she auditioned for "American Idol" seven years ago. She got to the level where she met the producers, but never met the judges. She wants to be brought on as a guest judge!

6:45 Uh oh Sarah Hyland from "Modern Family" doesn't know who she is wearing! A red carpet party foul if we don't say so ourselves. It's purple and she got it at Film Fashion. We do appreciate, however, her side-swept chignon and smokey purple eyes.

6:44 Christina just admitted she doesn't know anything about vampires, but does know "Glee," therefore she's redeemed in our eyes.

6:43 Christina is talking about her longtime friendship with Drew Barrymore. Who knew they once took a dance class together?

6:42 Christina Applegate is in Roberto Cavalli. Much like Debora Ann Woll's dress, it's also like an icy-gray blue shade. It's beautiful! Very flattering on her.

6:40 Mehcad Brooks is with Ross now. He's now in "The Deep End," but we'll always know and love him for "True Blood." Ross asks, "have you noticed how gorgeous everyone in Hollywood is?" Mehcad replied, "that's why I moved here."

6:40 Giuliana is currently boring Cory with her story of working at Dominos. He says she worked at Wal-Mart about eight years ago.

6:39 Cory Montheith from "Glee" is in a John Varvatos suit. Yum! He says he's single and ready to mingle. Hey, Cory, we're right here!

6:36 Giuliana is catching up with Thomas Jane and Patricia Arquette. She's wearing a shiny emerald green gown. Thomas is being so sweet with her! "You're going to win, baby!" he says.

6:35 Carey Mulligan is in the house now. Again: IN RED! Did we miss the memo or something. Her dress is made by Lanvin, though more importantly, she answered Ross' question, "where is Shia tonight?," with "I don't know." Her actual date? Her BFF!

6:33 Rutina's in red. The trend is keeping up! Deborah's in an icy grey strapless dress with tiered layers for a skirt. It's their first year at the SAG's. Awww! Rutina said she loved meeting Mariah at the Golden Globes.

6:32 Back with Ross the Intern: he's with Deborah and Rutina Wesley from "True Blood" We need a moment to breathe because we love these girls!

6:32 Tracey Morgan has arrived. He's talking about getting girls pregnant.

6:31 Giuliana has been hitting the bottle we thing. We have to believe that's why she's asking questions like "should Snooki star in the 'Hangover' sequel?"

6:30 "Hangover 2" sequel talk: Ed helms says there is "literally nothing I won't do" in the movie. He took a tooth out for the first one and now he is willing to "lose a limb."

6:29 Ed Helms from "The Office" and "The Hangover" is with Giuliana now. He swears he wasn't a class clown, but we kind of wish he was. He also says he didn't get ladies in high school. Poor thing!

6:28 Betty White is explaining her "no nudity clause."

6:27 Giuliana is having a "Golden Girls" moment with Lifetime Achievement honoree Betty White. J'adore her! G said "do you have a hollywood crush?" (uh, thanks for the plug to our blog, G) and Betty answers with no breath: Robert Redford!

6:25 Ooh! Ooh! Deborah Ann Woll from "True Blood" just got out of a limo with what we think was a hot man. She's one of my favorite characters on the show, so it's so great to see her on this carpet!

6:24 Jenna Ushkowitz from "Glee" is with G. She said the Jennifer Lopez rumors "have potential." Jenna's wearing a plum dress with a plunging v-neck with sparkles. We're not loving it. Are you?

6:22 Ross the Intern is asking about Chris' character coming out on the show. He thinks it's about time somethng like that was shown on TV. We agreed.

6:21 Chris Colfer from "Glee" is next... woo hoo. He says he wants to see Julie Andrews star on the show. We can see it. Maybe a little "Sound of Music" for McKinley high?

6:20 Rico Rodriguez from "Modern Family" is talking to Ross. The cutie says he loves being able to say to his dad "I'm going to work like you!" Oh, Rico, we wouldn't be in such a rush if we were you!

6:17 Olivia Palmero citing. We repeat Olivia Palmero sighting. "The City" takes the red carpet. We see a possible new show in the making!

6:16 Ross the Intern has caught Edie Falco in his arms. She's also wearing red. Is red this carpet's purple?

6:15 John says fans have sent him hats and a lot of cocktails.

6:14 Giuliana is asking "Mad Men" star John Slattery if it's awkward portarying that he is an ex-husband to his real-life wife. He says it's not.

6:13 We've got a live one, folks. An actual celeb is on the carpet in a gorgeous cherry red dress, but we don't know who is!

6:11 Commercial break... again.

6:08G is going through footage from the Golden Globes, we don't really need to see Mariah Carey's globes again, but it makes us wonder if she's coming tonight and if she'll be wearing something just as revealing.

6:06 And we're back ... watching footage of the pouring of the statue. Can we say: time fillers?

6:03 OK enough small talk E! peeps, bring on the celebs!

6:02 G's dress is Jenny Packham, but what's more interesting than that is she just said "everyone around her must look pasty" is a rule apparently written in her contract. Somehow we don't doubt it.

6:00 Giuliana Rancic (in a fun red dress) is already busy asking unnecessary questions. She says to Ross the Intern: "Team Leno or Team Coco?"

5:57 Who is everyone looking forward to seeing tonight? Us: Anna Paquin. We hope she listened to us after the Golden Globes and toned down the gold sparkles.

5:45 Welcome to another awards season's red carpet... the SAGs! Stay with us for the next two hours as we critique the fashion. I've got my BFF watching with me, so hopefully you all have someone to commentate with, too! If you don't that's what the comments section below is for.