Amanda Seyfriend Beams In Our EXCLUSIVE First Look At The 'Letters To Juilet' Poster

We're beginning to think the adorable Amanda Seyfried is having a secret love affair with the postal service (uh, sorry Dominic Cooper!). In "Mamma Mia," she mailed wedding invites to her three possible daddys, in just two weeks she'll be penning "Dear John" love notes to Channing Tatum and finally, on May 14, she'll be sending "Letters To Juliet." And here we thought snail mail was a dying form of communication.

Snail mail aside, we've got your exclusive first look at the one sheet for the latter of the aforementioned films, which follows Sophie (Amanda), who upon visiting the home of "Romeo and Juliet" — Verona, Italy — helps respond to unanswered letters sent to the fictional Juliet seeking advice about love. One particular letter dated in 1957 catches Sophie's eye and thus provokes a chain of events that somehow leads to romantic drama for all!

It sounds a tad confusing, but after you check out the movie's poster in its full size AFTER THE JUMP, we have a feeling the plot will become more clear.

We have to admit, at first glance, we thought the "Letters" one sheet was more of a Magic Eye image than a promotional device (anyone else notice right away that the envelope Amanda seems to be licking is also a roof to a house?), but once we took it all in, we realized that the brightness of the poster not only made us want to head to the Italian countryside, it also made us want to see this movie!

What do you think of our exclusive reveal of the "Letters to Juliet" one sheet?